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Naomi Campbell

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Naomi Campbell, 49, turned heads in a snazzy Gucci tracksuit on Thursday as she enjoyed an evening at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland to shoot a festive film for Vogue


Winning! Naomi seemed to successfully win a giant teddy bear at one of the games standsChilling out: She rested against a wooden fence between takes



21708668-7746625-image-a-57_1575291302734.jpg 21708670-7746625-Ready_to_go_Naomi_and_her_pal_were_securely_strapped_into_the_ri-m-73_1575292068178.jpg 21708674-7746625-image-a-32_1575289539481.jpg 21708678-7746625-image-m-71_1575291985263.jpg 21708686-7746625-image-a-31_1575289529384.jpg 21708690-7746625-image-a-30_1575289144767.jpg 21708692-7746625-image-a-55_1575291244903.jpg 21708698-7746625-Work_and_play_Naomi_showcased_her_best_model_moves_while_in_fron-a-30_1575309900806.jpg 21708704-7746625-image-a-72_1575291992433.jpg

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ebay/seller njord22

Elle Spain 

c4.jpg n1.jpg n2.jpg n3.jpg n4.jpg

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Pre-GRAMMY Gala and GRAMMY Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Sean "Diddy" Combs on January 25, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California.

Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+_DfZkzvTXLZx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+1U7S504q46Xx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+4l8Tj4Y1DvCx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+7b59PpiBBFEx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+9gxvzgqLo_Bx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+DIOCgyv7bJ-x.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+ezb9QyuGGMPx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+hLVUlZ4R8JIx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+IH-gA_shaZJx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+SUyy4E7ASUSx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+vEMMy1aeC8sx.jpg Naomi+Campbell+Pre+GRAMMY+Gala+GRAMMY+Salute+vu3yZE9Y_Rvx.jpg

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UK Vogue March 2020

Photographer: Juergen Teller
Stylist: Poppy Kain
Hair: Lorenzo Barcella & Virginie Moreira
Make-Up: Daniel Sallstrom
Model: Naomi Campbell



1QTXL4kS_o.jpg 4RuWroBz_o.jpg 85ozvFDe_o.jpg dyoMnva6_o.jpg EsXsPKWd_o.jpg feKrRMuK_o.jpg gdQBtkkj_o.jpg hGw6PEkk_o.jpg Yx6CRZrS_o.jpg JvHqGfVG_o.jpg QiY7KTMt_o.jpg R12bzLqL_o.jpg S4GaBwbx_o.jpg UGE0gr2j_o.jpg vA3HhGRa_o.jpg

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