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Marie Moute


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Marie Mouté is a French actress .

She is known for playing in Julie in the movie Housewarming with Hugh Grant (aka Travaux, on sait quand ça commence) and for playing

Alizé Guillaume in the series La Vie Devant Nous.

''La Vie Est A Nous'' .... Judith ( 9 episodes, 2009)

"Chez Maupassant" .... Mlle Juliette (1 episode, 2008)

- La chambre 11 (2008) TV episode (as Marie Mouté) .... Mlle Juliette

''And then it breaks''....Film (2006)

"Joséphine, ange gardien" .... Juliette (1 episode, 2005)

... aka Joséphine, profession ange gardien (France: first season title)

- Noble cause (2005) TV episode (as Marie Mouté) .... Juliette

Temps meurtrier, Le (2005) (TV) (as Marie Mouté) .... Marie Mazaye

Travaux, on sait quand ça commence... (2005) (as Marie Mouté) .... Julie

... aka Housewarming (International: English title) (USA)

Deuxième vérité, La (2003) (TV) .... Axelle

"Vie devant nous, La" .... Alizé Guillaume / ... (11 episodes, 2002-2003)

- L'arnaque (2003) TV episode .... Alizé Guillaume

- Les lauréats (2003) TV episode .... Alizé Guillaume

- Star système (2003) TV episode .... Alizé Guillaume

- Tel pere, tel fils (2003) TV episode .... Alizé Guillaume

- Harcèlement (2002) TV episode .... Alize Guillame

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