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Brian Krause


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Brian Jeffrey Krause (born February 1, 1969) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Leo Wyatt on the WB Network TV series Charmed from 1998 to 2006.

He was born in El Toro, California to Alice and Jeff Krause and he is the younger of two children, his older brother is named Patrick. He grew up in Southern California and took his first acting class in junior high as a way to aviod a bully in physical education class. In his teens he studied karate. He attended El Toro High School, and, right after he graduated in 1987, he continued his education at Orange Coast College where he played and lettered in soccer. He scored four goals as a midfielder and forward. In his spare time, Krause enjoys playing golf, tennis, basketball, and scrabble.

Personal Life:

Krause was married to Beth Bruce and had a son, Jamen (born in 1996), with her. They later divorced in 2000.There were rumors he dated co-star Holly Marie Combs but those were never confirmed. He also dated other co-star Alyssa Milano but that relationship has since ended.


Krause landed his first role in 1989 as a student in the TV series TV 101, the episode was titled Kangaroo Gate. He later starred in the made-for-TV-movie Match Point, Highway to Heaven, "CBS Schoolbreak Special" as Matt Henderson, and An American Summer until he landed his first major role as Richard Lestrange in Return to the Blue Lagoon. This was the launch of his career. He would later film the Bandit series and would land his most notable role of Leo in the WB Network series Charmed (1998-2006). Brian originally auditioned for the role of Andy Trudeau but was cast as Piper's handyman love interest, Leo Wyatt. Due to budgets in the 8th season, he was only able to appear in the first 9 episodes before his character was cut in the 10th episode "Vaya Con Leos". It was explained that he had to be frozen until the Charmed Ones beat the "Ultimate Power". Luckily, he was able to appear in the end of part 1 of the series finale, "Kill Billie Vol. 2" and in part 2 of the series finale, "Forever Charmed". After the end of Charmed, he appeared in made-for-TV-movies and even appeared in the hit TV shows CSI: Miami and The Closer. He is currently working on the movie Desertion and just finished the movie Jack Rio.

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