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Mariana Seoane


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Mariana Seoane García (born June 10, 1976) is a Mexican actress, model and singer. She is a native of the city of Parácuaro, in the state of Michoacán.

Born to an Argentine mother and a Cuban-Mexican father ("Soy una fusión de todo. Soy una mexicana que nació allá, pero mi mamá es de Argentina y mi papá es mexicano de padre cubano."), Seoane demonstrated an interest in becoming an entertainer since a very early age. She began acting and singing professionally as a teenager. It is the former career, however, that has brought her much fame in Mexico and Latin America.

Towards the beginning of her show business career, she became involved in a short romantic relationship with Luis Miguel, a Mexican teen idol singer.

In 1995, Seoane made her acting debut on a Televisa telenovela, when she appeared on "Retrato de Familia" ("Family Photo"), alongside Alfredo Adame, Helena Rojo and Julio Bracho. Seoane played "Aracely" in "Retrato de Familia".

During 1996, Seoane played "Sandra" in "Los Hijos de Nadie" ("Nobody's Children"), where she acted with Puerto Rican Osvaldo Rios and Sergio Sendei. Seoane then acted in "Cancion de Amor' ("Love Song"), a soap opera geared towards teenagers and young adults. In it, she shared credits with young actors like Eduardo Capetillo, Jorge Salinas and Mauricio Islas, as well as with veterans such as Joaquin Cordero, Guillermo Garcia Cantù, Lorena Rojas and Jaime Garza. Seoane played "Roxana" in "Cancion de Amor".

Seoane continued on with her acting career in 1997, when she filmed "Mi Pequeña Traviesa" ("My Little Daredevil"), with Anahi, Rafael Inclan, Enrique Rocha and future spouses Hector Soberon and Michelle Vieth. Having given life to the character of "Bárbara" in that soap opera, Seoane then proceeded to take a two year lay-off from telenovelas after that. But she returned in 1999, when she had her first opportunity of starring in a telenovela, acting as "Adriana" in "Amor Gitano" ("Gypsy Love"), where Islas was her co-star. Seoane also acted in "Tres Mujeres" {"Three Women") that year, sharing the scene with Laura Flores as well as such up and coming actors as Dominika Paleta, Eduardo Verastegui and future husband and wife Bobby Larios and Niurka Marcos, among others. Seoane played "Marcela Duran" in "Tres Mujeres".

After a two year hiatus from television, Seoane returned in 2001, making her comedy debut in "Diseñador, Ambos Sexos" ("Designer of both Sexes") a comedy about a fashion designer who pretended to be homosexual in order to get close to women.

Seoane played "Ernestina Soto" in "Atrevete a Olvidarme" ("Dare to Forget Me"), a telenovela which was also run during 2001, with Jorge Salinas and Adriana Fonseca as stars. Seoane has made a total of four soap operas where Salinas also acted.

In 2003, Seoane was offered her second starring role on a telenovela, when she participated as "Rebeca Linares" in Venevision's production, "Rebeca".

Seoane then recorded her first CD, which was released during 2004. "Sere Una Niña Buena" ("I'll be a Good Girl"), her first discographic production, became a mild success in Seoane's show business career.

During 2005, a well known Hispanic gossip magazine in the United States sponsored a contest where winners would get a photo and a copy of the "Sere una Niña Buena" CD personally autographed by Seoane.[citation needed]} Noting that three of the twenty contestants that won the prizes were from Puerto Rico, Seoane made sure to mention that country on her New Year's eve Univision celebration show's speech.

Seoane also sustained a romantic relationship with the well known musician, Adolfo Angel of Los Temerarios.[citation needed]

As of 2006, Seoane was invited to appear on the famous telenovela, La fea más bella. She appears as Karla, who falls quickly in love with Fernando Mendiola, played by Jaime Camil.

At the end of 2007 Seoane personifies an evil villain in Juan Osorio's telenovela "Tormenta en el Paraiso".






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