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He was born in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, on June 29th, 1968. He is the third of five brothers and his mother named him in honor of a TV series star. After more than 15 years as an actor, he achieved world fame as Vanesa Williams co-star in the movie "Baila Conmigo. As a singer, he achieved world-wide success with songs such as "Candela, "Este ritmo se baila así, "Yo te amo" and "Salomé, all of them with a pronounced Caribbean rhythm. The ballads Y tú te vas and Lo dejaría todo established his reputation as one of the top Latin American artists worldwide. A family man, Chayanne is married to Venezuelan Marilisa Maronese, the mother of his two children: Isadora and Lorenzo Sincero, which is also the name of the album with outstanding songs such as "Un siglo sin ti" and "Caprichosa, with a more lively rhythm. Already considered a great singer and composer, his eleventh album arrived at a moment in which Chayanne is at the height of his career, able to try out new rhythms, such as Cuidarte el Alma; Al Pan Pan y al Vino Vino; Vaiven; Dulce y Peligrosa; Sentada aquí en mi alma or Santa Sofía. To speak of Chayanne is to speak of adrenaline and of the mere pleasure of dancing Latin rhythms with an out-of-this-world singer. His last album, edited in 2005, is called Desde siempre and it is a collection of his greatest romantic ballads, with some surprises, such as a version of Contra vientos y mareas, composed by Franco de Vita. For his next album, "Cautivo, Chayanne promises a rhythm more connected to the sixties, which he will use to achieve his aim: to conquer the American audience for once and for all.





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