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This is somewhat of an expiriment...


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I was wondering if I should start my own business online :p Here's how it would work...

I am pretty good at drawing portraits, if you haven't seen them already I can post them here to show you... anyway, I was thinking about selling some of my protraits online. I have been thinking about doing this for a few months, and I have worked out a lot of the details, but not all of them. I will need all of your help for that part. I have been paid to do portraits in the past and I enjoyed it. :p But I never was able to work out a price for the potraits... I have been paid anywhere from $10-$50 for a 8 1/2" x 11" portrait... and I was thinking about opening it up to possibly drawing posters as well (like the ones you hang on your wall, 23" x 30") obviously, the more detail and the larger the drawing, the more I will charge, but how much should I charge? I don't want to charge too much, but I don't want to be too cheap either :p

Here's how it will work selling online:

You give me the picture you would like and tell me the size you want. We also can talk about any extra things you would like on the drawing, if you would like me to write their name in some sort of fancy writing or a phrase, or if you want any little things on it like hearts or flowers or something... the amount of time it will take me to finish the drawing might affect the price as well. I will take a picture of the final product and we can talk about the price for it. We can talk about where I will be sending it and how you will get the money to me... here's where the trust comes in... after you see the picture you send me the money, after I recieve the money I will send your picture. You know I will send it because you have already seen that I have it and why would I keep it? :laugh:

For protection of the picture I have 2 things I do...

For the normal sized portraits I have sheet protectors, they will keep the picture safe until it gets to you, then you can frame it or whatever you want :yes: and for the poster I have a office supply store near my house that will lamenate it(cover it with thin plastic stuff, it doesn't disrupt the image in any way but will keep it from smearing or fading). Then it can be hung on your wall or whatever you want to do with it :p

Also, I may ask for you to pay the shipping and handling, normally I don't mind paying for it, but not if it is too expensive(and obviously it would be more expensive to ship the larger pictures)...

For the regular pictures I was thinking at least $10...

For the posters I was thinking maybe $20.

Again, any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :hehe:

Also, if you would like to place an order, please pm me :p

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Great idea. Good luck with it as one fellow artist to another. As far as price, it'll be determined by how long it takes, the size, extras, but also; color or not, how much protection is needed, and also possibly how complex the pic (if there is beading involved it would probably cost extra). Hope these ideas help, any other questions don't be afraid to ask

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