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Using new fonts in PS

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Okay, i want to use this font as specified in the link below ( i pulled this from the Adri wallpaper thread) :

It`s http://www.dafont.com/en/font.php?file=scriptina


Okay, i know a little about PS. I have PS 5.5...yes i know, i should get CS, but i'm lazy. :p

can you tell me how to us this font on my own in PS?

Do i have to generate the word on dafont.com website first or do i just save the .ttf file somewhere in the PS directory to use it? I created the words on the website and copied the .ttf file into my C:windows\fonts folder, but when i type out a word, only some of the letter work. :(

can someone give me good directions on how to get this done? i would love to use this font for my company website signature and emails ! heart.gif

nevermind, i figured it out...hey, how do you delete a post?! ;)

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hehehe here my post out of the wall thread :)

Sure I can :D

but first a new wall :)


SpanishEyes here I take some pics :)





Copy the files out of the rar (not the txts oder pics :) )

and past them in the folder C:\WINDOWS\Fonts That`s it :D

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