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Ciara Christensen


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Name: Ciara Christensen

Agency: Elite

Height: 5'9 1/2"

Place of origin: Arizona (USA)

Ethnic Origin:

German, Irish, Scottish, Swedish

Birthsign: Libra

How discovered:

I sent my pics to Damon at Nomad

Favorite things:

Traveling, my dog, my iPod, my friends, shopping, pizza, and my very favorite- my boyfriend.

What's your music of choice?

Saves the Day and Green Day.

What do you think of New York?

I think it's cool; everything is open 24 hours. It's way different from Arizona. I think it's pretty too. I love being here. I love the culture and all that you can do or see here.

What is the most interesting part about modeling?

The fact that you can be in front of the camera and do whatever you want. You get to dress up, wear beautiful clothes and be a different person.

Do you have a favorite model?

Gia, because she was different from everyone else. She spoke her opinion and people still loved her.

Any advice for aspiring models?

Never give up. There's always more opportunities. Not to take anything personally and to enjoy everything you get out of it. It's something not many people get to experience.

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