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Are you safe in your own home?


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Hiya guys!

Now I know straight off the bat, I got alotta explaining to do, so bare with me.

I pick locks. I do so as a Hobby. Its named "Locksport". Its not mainstream, but it is popular. Its extremely easy to start, but extraordinarily hard to master. Most importantly, its 100% LEGAL.

2 things.

1) Its gotta be Your lock... orrr...

2) You gotta have permission to pick it.

If you dont have point one or point two, you are breaking the law and thats way uncool. I Vlog my exploits in the hobby, and try to teach new guys at it, in my Youtube account.

My Youtube account!

I have earned alot of respect from Lockpickers, and Lock manufacturers alike in this fun exciting little hobby. A Major lock manufacturer actually sends me their latest designs and ask just one thing from me in return... To try and pick them. I support their interests by showing them the faults in their products. They support my hobby in the process. Most convenient, wouldnt you say? hehe.

Anyway, I emplore you to check out my Youtube video's, join me and Monty in our adventures and have a laugh with us (Or at). Its all quite lighthearted and easy going. See if any of the locks on your house or padlocks around your place are picked in my vids, and see if you're getting your money's worth in security. You'd be surprised just how vulnerable supposedly "High security" locks can be. Thats the aim of the game after all. Getting the message out there that lock manufacturers dread. Their products are Inferior in many ways.

Although, some are just insanely impossible to pick haha!

Have fun and thanks for reading guys! I'll be back in a week or so to check up on this thread and give any necessary feedback. Other than that, you can reach me on my Youtube account.


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