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Won Bin


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Won Bin (born November 10, 1977 as Kim Do Jin) is a South Korean actor. He is the youngest of five siblings, with one older brother and three older sisters.

Won Bin made his screen debut in a 1996 KBS drama, and made his first big breakthrough in the drama Autumn Fairy Tale (2000) also known as Autumn tale and Autumn in my heart. Other movies such as My Brother... andTaegukgi, released in 2004, proved to be popular as well and gained him further fame. He has best newcomer award Chinsa Film Art Festival and Golden Filming Award for Taegukgi. Won Bin was called into military duty in the South Korean Army in November 2005. He was stationed at the Korean border, a position for which he volunteered. On June 2, 2006, the military officially confirmed Won Bin's discharge. The decision was made by the military when the actor sustained injury to his ACL. The actor has undergone surgery and has officially been discharged on June 7, 2006, after 191 days in the army.[1][2]



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2009: Mother

2004: My Brother... (우리형)

2004: Taegukgi (태극기 휘날리며)

2001: Guns & Talks (킬러들의 수다)

[edit] TV drama

2002: Friends (4 episodes short drama)

2000: Autumn Fairy Tale (가을동화) / Autumn in My Heart/Endless Love (18 episodes)

2000: Kkokji (50 episodes)

2000: Small Station (one-act drama)

1999: Kwangki (Ad Maniac)(36 episodes)

1998: Ready, Go (8 episodes)

1997: Propose (14 episodes)

1997: Super Sunday variety show

[edit] Awards

2004: Best Newcomer award (Golden Filming Award, Korea) for Taegukgi

2004: Best Newcomer award (Chinsa Film Art Festival, Korea) for Taegukgi

2002: Bvlgari Brilliant Dreams Awards (Japan)

2000: Best Newcomer award (TV drama) (Baek-Sang Award, Korea) for Kkokji and Autumn Tale

2000: Best Performance Male Actor (KBS TV award)

1999: Best Newcomer award (KBS TV award)





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