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Mia Frilander


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Finnish Kauneus & Terveys, issues 4, 5 & 11/2009

Photos Jukka Rapo & Johanna Kinnari

finnishkauneusterveysis.th.jpg finnishkauneusterveysis.th.jpg finnishkauneusterveysiss.th.jpg

Elle Finland July 2009


Mia Dillemuth Photos Lauri Eriksson

Model Mia Frilander/Paparazzi

th_18028_finnish_elle_july_2009_01_122_1069lo.jpg th_18031_finnish_elle_july_2009_02_122_102lo.jpg th_18034_finnish_elle_july_2009_03_122_114lo.jpg th_18036_finnish_elle_july_2009_04_122_706lo.jpg

th_18049_finnish_elle_july_2009_05_122_516lo.jpg th_18267_finnish_elle_july_2009_06_122_76lo.jpg th_18270_finnish_elle_july_2009_07_122_147lo.jpg th_18272_finnish_elle_july_2009_08_122_497lo.jpg

Finnish Gloria August 2009

Pehmeä lasku

Kaija Rosma Photos Kira Gluschkoff

th_18275_finnish_gloria_aug_2009_01_122_160lo.jpg th_18277_finnish_gloria_aug_2009_02_122_583lo.jpg th_18468_finnish_gloria_aug_2009_03_122_393lo.jpg th_18471_finnish_gloria_aug_2009_04_122_867lo.jpg th_18478_finnish_gloria_aug_2009_05_122_102lo.jpg th_18480_finnish_gloria_aug_2009_06_122_471lo.jpg

Finnish Anna Kauneus, issue 2/2009 (24.9.2009)

Hyvissä merkeissä

Ainomari Setämaa Photos Ari Heinonen

th_18482_finnish_anna_kauneus_number2_2009_01_122_994lo.jpg th_18784_finnish_anna_kauneus_number2_2009_02_122_225lo.jpg th_18788_finnish_anna_kauneus_number2_2009_03_122_41lo.jpg th_18790_finnish_anna_kauneus_number2_2009_04_122_429lo.jpg

th_18795_finnish_anna_kauneus_number2_2009_05_122_564lo.jpg th_18797_finnish_anna_kauneus_number2_2009_06_122_391lo.jpg th_18799_finnish_anna_kauneus_number2_2009_07_122_34lo.jpg th_18803_finnish_anna_kauneus_number2_2009_08_122_506lo.jpg

Scanned by me

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