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Bloody regional DVDs!

Guest quasicartes

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Guest quasicartes

DVD I recently bought won't play on my comp.

"Your system is set to DVD region 3. To play this system set your system to region 2,4 or 5." So, I clicked on the settings box to change region. Message says: You may change your DVD region as many times as you want until changes left: 0. I have zero changes left, even though I have never ever changed my DVD settings (This regional DVD crap problem never happened before on my comp).

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Have you tried to upgrade the firmware on your drive, sometimes that will help with drives that are supposed to be region free. As well as unlocking the speed restrictions for ripping the media off the dvd as well as how fast you can burn if it's a burner.

Other than that, I can't help ya, Sorry :/

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Guest quasicartes
Just found this, not sure if it will help you out, but it kinda sounds similar to what you need done,

Region Freeness


Thanks for that, but still it doesn't work. I need to buy another DVD player. :mad:

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Guest quasicartes

So, the first link, shows all the available patches. I have downloaded the one with for firmware version 1A09 (new). No, clear instructions given. So, I have yet to run the patch.

And, the second one shows installs a program. I run it and it shows these messages:

Firmware Version: 1A09

Vendor Specific: Compaq

Extra Info: IS


Drive regions status: lock detected

Region setting status: permanent

User changes left: 0

Manufacturer resets left: 4

Current region set: 3

Read Speed:24X Write Speed: 24X

^What does it mean? 4-3=0???

Thanks for helping.

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If you unzip that file you downloaded there are clear instructions


1. Make Bootable Floppy Disk

2. Extract all files of the ZIP file onto Boot Disk

3. Reboot PC with Boot Disk inserted.

4. Type

update.bat <return>

F/W will now be updated (you may be prompted to insert a disk, any CD will do)

5. Wait for Flashing to finish.

6. Reboot PC"

Whats not clear? What OS are u running?

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If you dont know how to make a boot disk

download this


tahts DOS 6.22 just execute and follow instructions, once the floppy has been created dump all the files from the ziped file into that floppy, reboot youll get to dos prompt (A:/) simply follow the instructions above. And thats it no more regions.

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My laptop doesn't have floppy disc drive.

My OS: XP Professional Service Pack 2

:laugh: , well then you have quite a dillema dont you. There are bootable CD's but I have always had troble with them, so your on you own there. Simply search for bootable CDs preferably with DOS on them. Then you can do the steps above just dump onto CD not floppy :p.

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download "anydvd" if you cant find i upload it to somewhere. it makes your pc thinks that its a region free disc and not copyrighted. so you can also copy that disc with this little assistance of "anydvd" ;)

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