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Heidi Cortez

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Heidi Cortez

born March 11, 1981 in Southern California

Heidi Cortez is an American model, writer, actress and radio host.

Cortez decided at a young age that she wanted to be a model and act, and has made that her lifetime ambition. Heidi has appeared on numerous television and radio commercials and was a co-host on ESPN's The XTra Point Show for two years as well as a professional boxing "ring girl".

Cortez discovered that storytelling came naturally to her when she was approached to lend her voice to a CD of naughty stories while working as a sales associate in a Birkenstock store. "We had to audition for the part to get the job. We were then asked to make up our own stories. So I ad libbed my way thru all of them. It all came very natural to me." The result was a Sexxy Noises CD which Heidi later bought back the rights to in 2005.

In 2002 Cortez appeared on The Howard Stern Show. She later became a frequent guest. In October 2005, Cortez was hired by Stern to be the late night hostess of the show Tissue Time with Heidi Cortez for one of his two channels on Sirius Satellite Radio. On the show, Miss Cortez read erotic bedtime stories to listeners at the end of the day. As of July 2006 the show was canceled.

Cortez garnered the attention of Playboy.com, where in 2005, she was a featured celebrity model for three months.

Cortez owns and operates Cabana Tans in Reno, which she says is the "second-largest in Northern Nevada".

Cortez launched her first book November 7, 2006 called Heidi's Bedtime Stories published by the Simon & Schuster. The book made the Barnes & Noble Bestseller list.

Cortez also appears on the American reality television show Sunset Tan on E!





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