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Hello everyone.

Before starting a new thread, please always check first to see if an already existing thread exists. For example, before starting a thread on Josie Maran, please be sure that there is not already a Josie Maran thread somewhere here. Please never start another thread on a topic that already has an existing thread. We only allow one thread per topic. Simply reply to the already existing thread.

To verify if a thread on a certain topic already exists or not is very easy to do. Simply use the Search feature of the limaX Forum. The following steps will teach you how to use the Search feature properly.

1. Click on the "Search" link found near the top right of virtually any forum page.

2. Enter the keywords (search terms) that you wish to search for in the Search by Keywords field.

Example: "Josie Maran" (without quotes)

3. For the Search Where field on the left side, make sure "All Forums" is selected.

4. From the Search posts from... drop-down list, make sure "Any date" is selected.

5. When ready, click on Perform the search button.

In the search results, you will see if a thread already exists or not on the particular topic you are interested with. If the topic already has an existing thread, please reply to that thread and do not start a new one.

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