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Donna McPhail


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I visited Next’s site several times and never paid attention until yesterday when I spotted her. Searched Bellazon and didn’t find a trend about her what amazed me.

She isn’t particularly unique or striking, but she definitely has something special. Dazzling, charming, sexy, sometimes with a childish look that can trick you (one of the things that makes her special), charismatic and a lot of other things.

People might be wondering and ask; you are from Brazil, why you don’t have a Brazilian model as one of your favorites? I ask: why should I? There are several gorgeous girls there with a lot of attributes, some are among the best on the industry, but they don’t have that particular thing (for me) that Donna and the others have that makes them special. Besides that, beauty is not a privilege of Brazilian women, although some of my fellow countryman/woman might think so.

Someone is about to loose the # 1 spot on my favorite list. Some polaroids without any special production that editorials, ads, etc... have to prove my point.

donna.polaroid_003.jpg donna.polaroid_004.jpg donna.polaroid_005.jpg donna.polaroid_009.jpg donna.polaroid_0010.jpg donna.polaroid_006.jpg donna.polaroid_007.jpg donna.polaroid_008.jpg
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