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Anja Rubik


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Hi guys,

I am desperately looking for the name of one model. I have a picture of her and few suspicions of who it might be, but i dont want to be seen as a fool if my suspicions are wrong. I'm sure you know who she is. The picture I'm submitting comes from Vogue UK April 2007 and is taken by Lachlan Bailey.

I need the name of the model to list her in the credits and sources of inspiration in my art research book. Moreover, I'm hungry for more pictures of this gorgeous body.

here is the link: http://i31.tinypic.com/2r20i14.jpg

PLEASE, HELP! :heart:

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oh thank god. THANKS A LOT!! I owe you my grade in my arts exam! :D

anja was one of my suspicions, but in this editorial she looks more stunning than ever, so i couldn't be sure.

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