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Dimitri Vankerkoven

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HEIGHT: 181cm/5'11.5"

Chest: 93cm/36.5"

WAIST: 74cm/29"

SUIT: 127 cm/50"/60

Shoes: 46 EU/11.5 US/11 UK

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Hazel

AGENCIS: Vision-Bruxelles (mother agency), Nathalie, Beatrice, NY Models


Agency: New York Model Mgmt.

Age: 18

Place of Origin: Brussels, Belgium.

Ethnic Origin: Belgian.

Birthsign: Sagittarius.

How discovered: Discovered here in New York while on vacation.

Favorite things: Graphic design, beer, travel, music.

Favorite music, band: Akhenaton, Saian Supa Crew, Sacred Connexion.

Hobbies: Walking in the street and painting wall.

Favorite foods: Pasta with pesto, french fries.

Movie you want to see next: "American Gangster" and "Saw IV."

Place you'd love to visit: Japan - Tokyo, Bangkok and Florianopolis.

What you're currently obsessed about/with: Red colors, the sun and beautiful paintings

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