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Kathrin Werderitsch


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Nationality: Austrian.

Eyes: brown.

Hair: blonde.

Height: 180cm/5'11".

Bust: 86cm/34".

Waist: 59cm/23".

Hips: 86 cm/34".

In the fashion world today the number of models in the industry is enormous and you find several gorgeous girls. Some achieve the spotlight, some for a number of reasons don’t. But beauty depends on the eyes of the person who sees it so in my opinion a model is beautiful, gorgeous but in the opinion of others she isn’t.

That might be the case. Kathrin is my favorite model and I find her gorgeous, she has something special, something that I cannot explain what. It’s something magic that makes her different from the others. She is not on top 10’s or 20’s list that I have seen around, probably for the reason I gave above, but on everyone I make she will be the number one.

kathrin.book_0070.jpg kathrin.book_0071.jpg kathrin.book_0072.jpg kathrin.book_0073.jpg kathrin.book_0074.jpg
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One of my favorite pics. She is sexy in it but if you pay attention to the way she looks, her eyes, her expression you may note what I'm trying to say about that magic something that she has. Here she is sexy and at the same time innocent, even childish.

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