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David Dorfman


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David Benjamin Dorfman (born February 7, 1993) is an American actor. His most notable role was as Aidan Keller in the 2002 horror film remake The Ring, and its 2005 sequel The Ring Two. He has also appeared in the 2000 film Panic as Sammy. Many kids, though, remember him as the beloved character "Charles Wallace Murry" in the film version of A Wrinkle in Time. In 2008, Dorfman appeared in the film Drillbit Taylor.

David Dorfman has appeared in the following projects:

* The Ring 3 (announced)(2009) as Aidan Keller

* Drillbit Taylor (2008) as Emmit

* Ghost Whisperer (TV series) as Daniel Greene (2006, one episode)

* Joan of Arcadia (TV series) as Rocky Tardio (2003-2005, 3 episodes)

* The Ring Two (2005) as Aidan Keller

* The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) as Jedidiah

* A Wrinkle in Time (2003) as Charles Wallace Murry

* The Singing Detective (2003) as Young Dan Dark

* 100 Mile Rule (2002) as Andrew Davis

* The Ring (2002) as Aidan Keller

* Family Law (TV series) as Rupie Holt (1999-2002, 20 episodes)

* Black of Life (TV series) as Nicky (2001, one episode)

* Ally McBeal (TV series) as Sammy Paul (2001, one episode)

* Bounce (2000) as Joey Janello

* Panic (2000) as Sammy

* Galaxy Quest (1999) as Boy (uncredited)

* Time of My Life (TV series) as Kid (1999, one episode)

* Invisible Child (1999) as Sam Beeman





love this kid to death...

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