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John Stamos


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Stamos began his acting career with a role on the television show General Hospital as Blackie Parrish. Then General Hospital casting director Gary Price noted that Stamos did not read for any particular parts.[citation needed] His stint on GH got him noticed with daytime viewers, but by 1984 Stamos decided to move on when he auditioned for, and got the lead role, in a short-lived CBS sitcom called Dreams, in which he played an aspiring rock musician.

Stamos kept up television guest appearances until he landed a starring role opposite Jack Klugman in the NBC sitcom You Again?, in which he played Klugman's 17 year-old-son who had come back to live with him after many years. This series lasted exactly one year, and upon its cancellation, Stamos was approached by producer Jeff Franklin about a new comedy pilot for ABC, which eventually became Full House. Stamos signed on originally as Adam Cochran, but he then changed the first name to Jesse before taping the premiere. Full House gradually became a hit, and the show solidified Stamos' career. During the second season he then changed his character's last name to Katsopolis to highlight his Greek heritage, according to Jeff Franklin in the Full House Pilot DVD commentary.[citation needed]

After the eighth season of Full House, ABC decided to drop the show from their lineup. The ninth season was picked up by the WB Network, and consequently, Stamos announced his departure from the show.[citation needed] Concerned over the loss of such a major character, the Full House producers opted not to continue the series.

Since the show's cancellation, Stamos has appeared in numerous made-for-television films, stage productions and commercials (including advertisements for the long-distance phone call carrier 10-10-987 in 2004). He has also had starring roles in the television series Thieves in 2001, and Jake in Progress, which debuted in 2005. Both shows ran for only a few episodes. In 2003, Stamos guest-starred in Friends episode The One with the Donor, playing Zach, a friend that Chandler brings home to use as a sperm donor.

In 2006, he joined the cast of ER as paramedic-turned-intern Tony Gates. Stamos has recently starred as Shel, a gay wedding planner, in the A&E television movie Wedding Wars (he said in an interview that his performance reflected his personal support of same-sex marriages)[citation needed]. He appeared as himself (as a voice-over) in the MTV animated series Clone High in the episode, Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale. He also made a guest star appearance as a security guard on the Nickelodeon animated series KABLAM, and a voice cameo in Bob Saget's parody film Farce of the Penguins. He also played in the movie Sex, Love and Lies which was created in 2004 and plays on LMN.

In 2006, Stamos agreed to play the role of John Hanlon, a very plain, very lovable-loser character based on the short story When It Rains, It Pours, written by Jordan Mueller. The movie which is set to release in Fall 2008, will share the same title.[citation needed]

In 2007, Stamos arrived in Australia for a promotional tour. He appeared on a sketch on The Nation and an interview on Mornings with Kerri-Anne during which his behavior was erratic. A spokesperson for the network initially told reporters that it was due to jet-lag, however Stamos later states that it was in fact due to Ambien, a prescription sleeping medication.[1]

In February 2008 Stamos appeared in the television adaptation of A Raisin in the Sun.

[edit] Music and theater

Stamos also has an active music career, having occasionally toured as a drummer and backing vocalist with The Beach Boys, and having appeared on Broadway as the Emcee in Cabaret, and also in Nine and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. He is known for singing the lead vocal in the Beach Boys song Forever on the 1992 album Summer in Paradise. He played in the band The Signals.

[edit] Personal life

Stamos was born in Cypress, California, the son of Loretta (née Phillips) and Bill Stamos, a fast food restaurateur.[2] He married Rebecca Romijn on September 19, 1997; they were officially divorced on March 1, 2005. Stamos is good friends with South Park co-creator Matt Stone.[3]


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