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Olivia Palermo


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Olivia Palermo is a very pretty young woman who grew up in Greenwich and New York. She attends classes at the New School,(where she’s majoring in History) has worked part time for Quest magazine, in which she’s appeared in fashion layouts, and was photographed in a fashion layout for the revived Radar magazine.

Olivia, fairly new on the scene, skyrocketed to prominence thanks to the phalanx of digital photographers present at every event. She has become a card carrying member of that group now called the New Socialites.




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thanks for this thread, classy! she's not really "new". she was/is ostracized by tinsley mortimer and company coz, well, she's hotter than the whole lot of them. :D it's like real life gossip girl with an almost-30 cast!

from gawker.com 's

A Field Guide to 2008's Six Douchiest Cliques

The Swans 2.0


Tinsley Mortimer

Core Members: Amanda Hearst, Tinsley Mortimer, Fabiola Beracasa, Lauren Santo Domingo, Zani Gugelmann, Claire Bernard

Style.com says: This group is a closed set. Olivia Palermo, for example, has yet to recover from last spring's misstep, you know, when the now-defunct Web site Socialiterank.com published a letter that Palermo supposedly penned, apologizing for her status-seeking ways. It's still unclear if the missive was a hoax or an honest plea, but, no matter, it fell on deaf ears. Palermo's persistence has kept her at some of the parties, but not all the right ones. If you're not in the club yet, you probably won't be. Meanwhile, these socials now inching into their thirties, can do no wrong. Tinsley Mortimer made a questionable move, posing for the cover of the New York Post's weekend glossy, Page Six Magazine, and no one blinked a false eyelash.

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