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Anna Tsuchiya


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Anna Tsuchiya (土屋 アンナ, Tsuchiya Anna?) is a singer, lyricist, model, and actress.[1] Anna was born to a Japanese mother and a Polish-American father. She has a younger brother named Kenneth and an older sister called Angela, who is a model as well.

Modeling career

Tsuchiya was scouted by Seventeen magazine at age 14 to start a modelling career. Her demand as a model grew, and by 2002 she was doing television ads for UNIQLO, Edwin, and KOSE products. Even though she got involved in other projects afterwards, she today still remains an in-demand model for magazines like Kera, Soup, Zipper, and other youth punk fashion magazines.

Music career

In late 2002, Tsuchiya joined with former Oblivion Dust member K.A.Z to form Spin Aqua.[3] They released three singles, one album, and a video collection, but didn't fare well commercially. They later slipped into hiatus before permanently disbanding in 2004, due to Tsuchiya's pregnancy.

Tsuchiya was quiet musically until 2005, when she announced plans to go solo for the first time. She would write the lyrics to almost all of her songs in Japanese/English, having better command of an English accent than her peers (however is not a fluent speaker of English). On August 24, 2005 she released her first mini-album, Taste My Beat under Avex's sub-label, Mad Pray Records.[4] Then released her first single Change your life and the second single called Slap that Naughty Body / My Fate. She also released her first remix album, Taste My Xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! Beat Life! on the same day. Her third single, Rose was used as the opening theme from the Nana anime, alongside fellow Avex artist Olivia Lufkin who would be singing the ending theme song. The hype brought from this release boosted Tsuchiya's music career a lot, as Rose managed to reach a position of #6 on Oricon charts (her first top 10 placement, and 21 placings above her next best placing product at the time). [1]

Then, Tsuchiya made her first overseas appearance at the Japan Expo in Paris, France in July 2006.[5]

And to reinforce her growing popularity in Japan, Tsuchiya's debut studio album was released shortly afterwards. The album, Strip Me? features a growing number of commercial tie-up songs (including ones for Whiteen, Kirin, and Kosé Visée).

She returned in early 2007 with a new single called "Kuroi Namida", which was used as the new ending theme song for the Nana anime. This was followed by the third Nana anime opening single, "Lucy" in early February which directly preceded an album self-titled Anna Tsuchiya Inspi' Nana (Black Stones) which contains the singles from the show and some news songs; then an album called Nana Best which includes popular and some unreleased songs by both Olivia Lufkin and Tsuchiya from the TV series. Both Lufkin's and Tsuchiya's songs from these albums were played at Shibuya AX in March 2007.[6]

Then, Tsuchiya did a called "world fes tour", starting in June 30 at Anime Expo 2007 in U.S., following in July 27 at Pentaport rock festival in Korea and in July 29 at Formoz Festival in Taiwan, then a summer tour in Japan, incluiding a performance for second time at Summer Sonic Festival.[7] Among that, she released the single Bubble Trip / Sweet Sweet Song in August 1.

The single Cocoon was released on January 30th of this year, and in June Tsuchiya released another single called Crazy World with the collaboration of the Japanese artist AI. She then released another single in September, called Virgin Cat, which was used to promote the show The L Word in Japan. A month later she followed up with her fourth album (second non-NANA related), NUDY SHOW!, which contained her singles from Kuroi Namida to Virgin Cat.

The latest is the theme song to Resident Evil: Degeneration, titled GUILTY.

Acting career

Tsuchiya made her acting debut in Novala Takemoto's adapted runaway hit Kamikaze Girls (下妻物語, Shimotsuma Monogatari?) in 2004 as punk yanki "Ichigo Shirayuri". Her role brought her both immediate attention and critical success; winning several awards in Japan. This was continued to act/voice in various movies and dramas as The Taste of Tea, Dororo, Sakuran and provided the voice of Lindsay Lohan's character "Maggie Peyton" in the Japanese dub of Herbie: Fully Loaded.[2] Her latest film is Paco and the Magical Picture Book.

In 2004, she announced her engagement to fellow model/actor Joshua Niimura[8][9], the younger brother of the model Friedia Niimura (Rin Kozue). Joshua worked in the same modelling office as her. On 2004.11.19 Anna's first child, Sky (澄海, sukai?), was born. Sky even features in a photobook with his mother, Happy Days - Anna, Mama ni Naru!.[10] But in early July 2006, it was announced that Tsuchiya and Joshua were getting divorced.[11]. Subsequent to their divorce, Joshua Niimura died of heart failure on May 20th 2008[12]. Anna has remained undaunted by being a widowed mother, to the adoration of her legions of mostly high school girl fans, who've taken a liking to her non-conformist approach to life.

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