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Rebelde Way


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Rebelde Way ("Rebel's Way") was an Argentine telenovela produced by Cris Morena. The series ran for two seasons, the final episode airing in Argentina on 2004.

The series is set in the Elite Way School, a prestigious private boarding middle school near Buenos Aires, attended by the adolescent children of some of Argentina's wealthiest citizens, as well as gifted "becados" (students with scholarships). The school's faculty and the parents often have their own subplots as well. One feature of the show is the regular use of English words and phrases to accurately display the lack of manners and buffoonish behavior of the upper class.

One of the series' major plot lines revolves around a group of students forming a band. The actors who play the members of this band are also a real band, written Erreway to distinguish it from the show. Erreway perform most of the music used on the show, and have been extremely successful in their own right, becoming one of the highest-grossing acts in Argentina and touring internationally.


Luisana Lopilato-Mía Colucci

Camila Bordonaba-Marizza Pía Spirito/Andrade

Benjamín Rojas-Pablo Bustamante

Felipe Colombo-Manuel Aguirre

Diego Mesaglio-Guido Lassen

Micaela Vázquez-Pilar Dunoff

Jorge Maggio-Tomás Ezcurra

Diego García-Marcos Aguilar

Georgina Mollo-(2002) Luna Fernández

Guillermo Santa Cruz -(2002) Nicolas "Nico" Provanza

Jazmín Beccar-Varela Luján Linares

Victoria Maurette-Victoria "Vico" Paz

Ángeles Balbiani-Felicitas "Feli" Mitre

Mariana Seligmann-Laura Arregui (2003)

Francisco Bass-Francisco "Fran" Blanco (2003)

Inés Palombo-Sol Rivarola (2003)

Piru Sáez-Rocco Fuentes Echagüe (2003)

Mariano Bertolin-Javier Alanis (2003)

Maria Fernanda Neil-Fernanda Peralta Ramos/Byron

Belén Scalella-Belén Menendez Pacheco

Diego Child-Diego Urcola

Lis Moreno-Dolores "Lola" Arregui (2003)

Catherine Fulop-Sonia Rey

Martin Seefeld-Franco Colucci

Boy Olmi-Sergio Bustamante

Arturo Bonin Marcel Dunoff

Fernán Mirás-Santiago Mansilla(2002)

Sandra Ortiz-Sandra Fernández (2002)

Pablo Heredia-Blas Heredia/Ricardo Faras

Hilda Bernard-Hilda Acosta

Miguel Ángel Cerutti-Octavio/Martín Andrade


Marizza Pia Spirito (Camila Bordonaba)

Marizza is the daughter of a model, Sonia Rey. Marizza is the most rebellious girl in the school. Her life is without problems or at least she tries to avoid them. Marizza's character is explosive. She's a rebel who doesn't like unfairness. She hate the liars. Her life changes when she enters in a school where his father forces her to get a good education. Marizza is also involved in a fight with Pablo Bustamante where her relationship indicates hate-love. There are not any sentiments but when they come very close, they realize that they are madly in love.

Pablo Bustamante (Benjamin Rojas)

Pablo is the son of the politician. He is the youngest child in the family and one of the most popular boys in the school. His best friend is Tomas. He is in love with Marizza but he doesn't want to show it. His father causes continual problems for him.

Pablo is the forth son of Buenos Aires Mayor, Sergio Bustamante, and his wife Mora. He is the most attractive boy in "Elite Way" and girls go crazy when they see him. He is also a rebel in his own way.

Pablo falls in love with Marizza the first time he sees her. She is totally different and he doesn't want to show his feelings. Marizza is also almost the only person who actually understands him. She is, in some way, his best friend. His best male friends are Tomás and Guido.

Pablo, when Marizza goes to Italy, finds new girlfriend, Paola. But, she is the prostitute Sergio hired to get Pablo to lose his virginity to. When he finds out the truth (Marizza helped him a lot), he is very hurt. Pablo makes a bet with Tomás - if Pablo and Marizza become couple in two weeks, Pablo gets all Tomás' CDs. If Pablo failed to do so, Tomás gets all Pablo's CDs. Pablo and Marizza become couple but Marizza finds out the truth and they break up.

Pablo dates with Lola, who tried to be a rebel, like Marizza. He can't be with any other girl than Marizza, so he tried to win her love back. After many errors and mistakes, they become couple in last episode.

His father gets arrested, so Mora takes care of Pablo.

Manuel Aguirre (Felipe Colombo)

Manuel came to Argentina from Mexico. He wants to avenge his father's murder, which was committed by Franco Colucci, a famous businessman, but encounters problems when he falls in love with Colucci's daughter, Mia. His best friends are Nico and Marcos, and later Francisco. He has problems with Logia (elite group of students who try to expell students with scholarships) and he tryes to reveal Logia. He does it with his friends, and members of Logia are expelled from school. Later, Manuel finds out that death of his father is not Franco's fault, and he gives up from revenge. He becomes Mía's boyfriend, and they go together on Galápagos Islands.

But, Mía wants to stay innocent, so Manuel cheats her with new manager of Erreway, Sabrina. Mía and Manuel break up, but Manuel still loves her and he tries to win her love back. Manuel finds out he is ill, and he must go to operation. After it, he loses his memory. He remembers Pablo, Marizza, his family and Sabrina, but not Mía. He goes home to Mexico and gets all his memories back.

In last episode, Manuel gets back to "Elite Way". He asks Mía to forgive him and does she want to be his girlfriend again. She says "yes", and they become couple.

Mia Colucci (Luisana Lopilato)

Mia is the most popular girl in "Elite Way School". She is the only child of the famous businessman Franco Colucci. Her mother (allegedly) died when she was a baby. Her best friends are Vico and Feli. She pretends to hate Manuel, but is in reality in love with him. She is a singer in the band Erreway, and has romanced Manuel Aguirre (boyfriend) (with whom she has a child, Dulce Candela Aguirre), Joaquín Arias Parondo (ex-boyfriend), Guiddo Lassen (ex-boyfriend), and Francisco "Fran" Blanco (ex-boyfriend).

Mía is most attractive girl in "Elite Way School". She is beautiful and mean, but it seems nothing more than that. Mía is also brave and light-hearted, but sometimes only her best friends, Vico and Feli, can see it. Mía's enemy is Marizza, but they later became friends and step-sisters, when Franco and Sonia get married. She is in love with Manuel, but she doesn't want to show it.

When Manuel sleeps with Sabrina, Mía and he break up. Mía is very hurt, but she still loves Manuel. When Manuel loses his memory, Mía does everything to Manuel get his memory back. He remember Pablo, Marizza and, unfortunately, Sabrina. Mía is hurt more than ever when she finds out that Manuel remembers her too, but he went to Mexico.

In last episode, Manuel comes back and asks Mía to be his girlfriend again, because he loves her trully. Crying, Mía says "yes", and they become couple again.

Worldwide syndication

Rebelde Way was extremely popular in Argentina, becoming the highest-rated show on Canal 9 soon after its premiere. Luisana Lopilato became a regular on magazine covers and in gossip magazines, as did Camila Bordonaba, Felipe Colombo and Benjamin Rojas. The four also made several trips to Israel, where the show's popularity was almost as great as in Argentina.[citation needed]

Rebelde Way was also syndicated in Germany and Austria, where it aired on Nickelodeon Germany, and in Austria. It was aired in Romania on TVR2 with the name of "Rebelii"; in Bosnia and Herzegovina on OBN (2007); in Greece on ET1 (2006); in Serbia on B92 (2007); in the Republic of Macedonia on A1 Televizija (2005/6), and in Cyprus on ANT (2007). It was also aired in Kosovo & Albania (2005-2006), Spain, Portugal, Panama, Colombia, Russia and Lithuania (LNK/TV1 in 2007-2008).

International remakes

The basic plot and situation of Rebelde Way was also remade for various countries around the world. In each version the plot was the same and centered around a student musical group performing within the telenovela.


Rebelde was the Mexican remake of the show, initially aired in Mexico on Televisa. Although the school retained the same name, the band around whom the show's storyline revolved was renamed RBD. Rebelde was also internationally successful, and has been shown in Mexico, the United States, Brazil, and other Latin American countries, lasting for three seasons, from 2004 until 2006. The group RBD was even more successful, releasing more than five albums, and touring Mexico, United States, Brazil, Chile, Europe, and Asia, remaining active today.


Remix was the Indian remake of the show, initially aired in India on STAR One. For this version the band was renamed Remix, and the school was renamed Maurya High. The show began in November 2004 and ended on July 2006, and was successful among teenagers in the country.[citation needed]

Rejected versions

Versions of Rebelde Way were made in Brazil and Spain in 2006, but the pilots were not picked up by any channel in either country. This was partly due to the popularity of the Mexican remake, and the band RBD, in both countries.

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J.LO TO BRING ARGENTINE TELENOVELA TO FOX: Entertainer signs on to produce 'Rebelde Way.'

*Jennifer Lopez will produce a remake of the Argentina hit telenovela "Rebelde Way" for FOX, which acquired Stateside rights, reports Variety.

The entertainer and Simon Fields will produce the series, re-titled "Rebels," under their Nuyorican Prods. banner, based on a screenplay adapted by Duane Adler ("Save the Last Dance," "Step Up").

"Rebels," about a pop band made up of teens who go to an elite private high school, has sold in its original form to more than 40 countries and for remakes to Mexico, Chile, India and Portugal.

Buenos Aires-based Cris Morena Group and RGB Entertainment produced the original, which spawned a feature film and spin-off businesses from CDs to tours of the band that emerged from the series.

Fox "has decided to bet on the development of North American series simultaneously with international studios that want to work with Hollywood talents, and for this there's nothing better than formats like 'Rebels,' a proven success in more than 40 countries," said Fox Television Studios senior VP Diego Suarez.


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