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Alessandra De Rossi


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Alessandra Schiavone De Rossi, better known by her stage name Alessandra De Rossi (born on July 19, 1984 in England, United Kingdom), is an Italian-Filipino actress. She is the younger sister of actress Assunta De Rossi.

She was once overshadowed by the showbiz success of her older sister Assunta. However, her genuine ability to act allowed her to eventually outshine the former. Her career took off after exceptional portrayals in different drama films including the critically acclaimed Mga Munting Tining (Small Voices) and Homecoming, where she portrayed a Canadian-based domestic worker who visited her home in a rural town in the Philippines, bringing with her the deadly disease SARS which she spreads among the residents.

Alessandra won the part of Valentina, the villainess of the popular comic turned fantaserye (fantasy TV series), Darna, which aired on GMA network in 2005. The show fared exceptionally well in the ratings, earning her additional attention for her show stealing performance.

De Rossi’s latest offering was the Singaporean-based horror film The Maid where she played the lead role of Rosa, a housemaid in Singapore. The film was a box office hit both locally and in neighbouring Asian countries. Like her sister Assunta who posed for men's magazines (mostly FHM), Alex posed also as cover girl for April 2008 of FHM Magazine.

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