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My Punisher movies


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My Punisher movies ideas?

My idea for ho The Punisher would have been put on film would have been more fan boy friendly. For those who want to see my SPiderman 3 idea, click my profile and read about it. That would have ben the Punisher's first ever film appearance. Now for the Punisher films/spin-off's of SPiderman 3.

The 1st one would have the Punisher go up against the Gnucci Brothers Bobby(Micheal Imperioli) and Eddie(James Marsden). Also, in my universe, the punisher is being played by Tom Jan as he fit the role but the writers and director were incompetent. Eddie survives this movie to become once again one of the main villains along with Ma Gnucci(Jessica Lange) and hired help, Bushwacker(Micky Rourke or PAtrick Swazye) if he lives. That will be the sequel called Punisher:War Journal, where 90% of Tom's dialoge is inner monologe. only 10% is with actuall people in the movie. The films tag line on the poster would be, "Dont smile much. Don't smile ever. If I did........... This would be one! The poster desighn would be similar to my first film poster, where Tom is standing in a dark rainy NY alley holding hand cannons on each hand with the signature trench coat and lack fingerless gloves. Except this time, he isnt wearing a trench coat, he is just wearing the black pants and punisher shirt with the lack fingerless gloves. Instead of holdinh hand cannons, he is holding an 50 calliber maching gun and the hadow underneat him would not be of him but of the outling of Bushwacker and a couple of rain puddle with the reflections of Eddie and Ma Gnucci. There would be plenty of over the top violence in this one that would make the first movie look like little girl. Ma gets her legs ripped off by bears in a zoo cage only to get rescued by Bushwacker, only because he needs her alive to pay him the other half of the money after mission complete. Bushwacker will be strongly hinted to be a mutant, as in one scene where two wiseguys are gossiping about him on the rumors. As for the finale, it would be an explosive shoot out in the mansion library with Punisher diving out of the way of Bushwackers missiles. About 10 minutes long. Now for the 3rd movie, I was thinking of the opening sequence. It would be a pre opener before the credits. Screen is black. You hear knocking on the door. Castle wakes up and goes to open it thinking its Joan or one of the others. Then BOOM!!! The Russian vs. Punisher fight sequence begins. After the over the top, violent, vulgar, hilarious battle between the 2 ends, the opening credits begin. Hows that for an opener?

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