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Neve Campbell


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Neve Campbell

Date of birth: October 3, 1973

Birthplace: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Mini Biography taken from IMDB.com

Born and raised in Canada by a Scottish father and Dutch mother, Neve Campbell first came to our TV screens in the hit Drama series "Party of Five" (1994). Described as TV's most believable teenager her first major film role came in the form of innocent victim Sidney Prescott in Scream (1996), the film which re-defined the slasher genre.

Many film offers came her way but as she was filming Party of Five for nine months of the year, the filming schedules often clashed. So in 2001 she announced that she was to leave the award winning show to concentrate on a film career.

Spreading through many genres her film credits to date include the romantic comedy Three to Tango (1999) alongside Matthew Perry and the erotic thriller Wild Things (1998) with Denise Richards and Matt Dillon, though she has turned to a more arthouse aproach with the critically acclaimed Panic (2000) and more recently Last Call (2002/I) (TV), both directed by Henry Bromell.

She is an animal lover and describes herself as having a dry, often offensive sense of humour.


1992-"Catwalk" (TV Series)

1994-Web of Deceit (TV)

1994-The Passion of John Ruskin

1994-Paint Cans

1994-The Forget-Me-Not Murders (TV)

1994-The Dark

1994-Baree (TV)

1994-"Party of Five" (TV Series)

1995-Love Child


1996-The Craft

1996-The Canterville Ghost (TV)

1996-The Witching Hour (TV)

1997-Scream 2

1998-Wild Things

1998-Lion King 2 (Speaking Voice)


1998-Hair Shirt

1999-Three To Tango

1999-Predators From Beyond Neptune

2000-Scream 3

2000-Drowning Mona


2001-Investing Sex

2002-Lost Junction

2002-Last Call

2002-Understanding Virginia

2003-Walk Two Moons

2003-The Company


2004-A Private War

2004-Remains of The Piano

2004-Churchill: The Hollywood Years

2004-Blind Horizon

10bd.th.jpg 28ki.th.jpg

31cc.th.jpg 46hz.th.jpg


Credit: The Danish Neve Campbell Page

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