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Sophie Monk


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Sophie's the blonde beauty from Queensland who was training to be an opera singer before being derailed from her classical path by a stint as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and a growing passion for pop music.

Her climb to pop stardom started in earnest in 1999 when she drove all night to make it to an audition for the first ever Australian series of Popstars. It's now a matter of Australian pop history that she made the final cut and went on to release a string of gold and platinum-selling singles with five fellow reality-TV graduates who were, by then, called Bardot.

The group's self-titled debut album racked up multi-platinum sales and won the girls fans in Australia, NZ and throughout Asia. The follow-up, Play It Like That, rebirthed the group as a tight four-piece and continued their assault on the charts with hit singles including ASAP and I Need Somebody.

The group made the amicable decision to disband in early 2002, but instead of kicking-back and taking a breather or exploring her options Sophie immediately threw herself into forging her own distinctively up-beat pop path.

What was there to think about? This is a girl who knew what she wanted to do long before she had the chance to do it.

As an ambitious 15-year-old she wrote in her diary that she wanted to have a hit album and single out by the year 2000. With that well and truly achieved (the first Bardot single, Poison, debuted at #1 in 2000 as did the album) it was time for the next challenge.

The Solo Career

Just a matter of months after the break-up Sophie simultaneously launched her first solo single, the pretty pop hit Inside Outside, and a modelling career (as the face Expozay swimwear).

Since then she's released the hot follow-up track, Get The Music On, filmed her first major acting role, as Marilyn Monroe in a big-budget US television mini-series, and knocked back the chance to host a weekly TV show.

"That one wasn't really me at all," she confides. "I'm trying so many things, but to take me away from the music, even part-time, it would have to be just the right thing. Especially at a time when I've got my first album to think about."

Sophie's debut album is Calendar Girl, a powerful one-two sonic punch of pretty pop and sophisticated, timeless grooves. Recorded in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Miami it is an appropriately titled 10-track collection, which provides both a soundtrack to those happy freewheeling days as well as an upbeat pop-tastic antidote to the most resistant case of the blues. It is a happy pop staple, perfect for any day, of any week of any month






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Name: Sophie Charlene Akland Monk.

Birthday: 14th of December.

Star Sign: Sagittarius.

Nicknames: Soph, Monkey Brains.

Born in: England.

(She moved to Queensland when she was little).

Favourite Colour: Pale pink & green.

Favourite Food: Oysters.

Favourite Bands/Singers: Pink, Limp Bizkit.

Favourite Song: Hurt - Nine Inch Nails.

Favorite Album: Mariah Carey's Christmas Carols...I know I'm a geek.

Favourite Movies: Zoolander.

Favourite Actor: Brad Pitt.

Favourite Actress: Angelina Jolie.

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Actress - filmography

(In Production) (2000s)

1. Click (2006) (post-production) .... Stacy

2. Date Movie (2006) .... Andy

3. London (2005) .... Lauren

4. The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2004) (TV) .... Marilyn Monroe

Filmography as: Actress, Miscellaneous Crew, Herself

Miscellaneous Crew - filmography

1. "The Big Arvo" (2000) TV Series (singer: "Inside, Outside")

2. Popstars: The Making of Bardot (2000) (V) (singer: "Poison") (as Bardot)

Filmography as: Actress, Miscellaneous Crew, Herself

Herself - filmography

1. "Meet the Barkers"

- Travis' Birthday Bash (2005) TV Episode .... Herself

2. "Australian Idol"

... aka Australian Idol 2 (Australia: second season title)

- Grand Final (2004) TV Episode .... Herself

3. "Good Morning Australia"

... aka G.M.A. (Australia: short title)

- Episode dated 6 July 2004 (2004) TV Episode .... Herself

4. "The Big Arvo"

- Episode dated 2 March 2004 (2004) TV Episode .... Herself

5. "Greeks on the Roof"

- Episode #1.1 (2003) TV Episode .... Herself

6. "Rove Live"

- Episode #4.8 (2003) TV Episode .... Herself

7. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"

- Celebrity All in the Family (2002) TV Episode .... Herself

8. "The Ray Martin Show"

- Episode #1.7 (2001) TV Episode (as Bardot) .... Herself

9. "Popstars" (2000) TV Series .... Herself - Bardot (2000)

... aka Australian Popstars (New Zealand: English title)

... aka Popstars 2 (Australia: second season title)

... aka Popstars 3 (Australia: third season title)

... aka Popstars 4 (Australia: fourth season title)

... aka Popstars: Live (Australia: fourth season title)

10. "The House of Hits"

- Episode #1.18 (2000) TV Episode .... Herself

11. Popstars: The Making of Bardot (2000) (V) .... Herself

12. Bardot: The Story Continues (2000) (V) .... Herself

... aka Popstars: The Making of Bardot - Volume 2 (Australia)

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