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Irene Jacob


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Irène Jacob is a French-born Swiss actress considered one of the preeminent Swiss actresses of her generation. Jacob gained international recognition and acclaim through her work with Polish film director Krzysztof Kieslowski, who cast her in the lead role of The Double Life of Véronique and Three Colors: Red. She came to represent an image of European sophistication, through her "classic beauty and thoughtful, almost melancholic style of acting."post-18834-0-1446065311-35136_thumb.jpg

Irène Marie Jacob was born July 15, 1966 in Suresnes, France, a western suburb of Paris.[2] The youngest child with three older brothers, Irène grew up in a highly educated and intellectual family and environment: her father was a physicist, her mother a psychologist, one brother a musician, and two brothers scientists.[3] [4] In 1969, at the age of three, Irène moved with her family to Geneva, Switzerland where she became interested in the arts.




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The Dust of Time (2007) (filming) .... Eleni

Nessuna qualità agli eroi (2007) .... Anne

... aka Fallen Heroes (International: English title)

The Inner Life of Martin Frost (2007) .... Claire Martin

Educación de las hadas, La (2006) .... Ingrid

... aka The Education of Fairies (International: English title)

Nouvelle-France (2004) .... Angélique de Roquebrune

... aka Battle of the Brave (USA: new title)

Automne (2004) .... Michelle

The Pornographer: A Love Story (2004)

Nés de la mère du monde (2003) (TV) .... Clara Sidowski

Légende de Parva, La (2003) (voice) .... La mère de Parva

Mille millièmes (2002) .... Julie

... aka The Landlords (International: English title)

Londinium (2001) .... Fiona Delgrazia

Lettre d'une inconnue (2001) (TV) .... The unknown woman

aka Letter from an Unknown Woman (International: English title)

Affaire Marcorelle, L' (2000) .... Agneska

History Is Made at Night (1999) .... Natasha Scriabina/Anna Belinka

My Life So Far (1999) (as Irene Jacob) .... Aunt Heloise

The Big Brass Ring (1999) .... Cela Brandini

Cuisine chinoise (1999) .... Patricia

Cuisine américaine (1998) .... Gabrielle Boyer

U.S. Marshals (1998) .... Marie Bineaux, Mark's Girlfriend

Jack's potes (1998)

Incognito (1997) .... Prof. Marieke van den Broeck

Othello (1995) .... Desdemonapost-18834-0-1446065313-41781_thumb.jpg

All Men Are Mortal (1995) .... Regina

Al di là delle nuvole (1995) .... The Girl

... aka Beyond the Clouds (USA)

Fugueuses (1995) .... Prune

Victory (1995) .... Alma

Trois couleurs: Rouge (1994) (as Irene Jacob) .... Valentine Dussaut

... aka Three Colours: Red (Canada: English title) (UK)

Predskazaniye (1993) (as Iren Zhakob) .... Lyuda

... aka Предсказание (Russia)

... aka Prédiction, La (France)

The Secret Garden (1993) (as Irene Jacob) .... Mary's Mother/Lilias Craven

Claude (1993) .... Beatrice

Enak (1992) .... Lucille Spaak

Moulin de Daudet, Le (1992) .... Mme Daudet

Double vie de Véronique, La (1991) .... Weronika/Véronique

... aka The Double Life of Veronique (USA)

Secret de Sarah Tombelaine, Le (1991) .... Sarah

Veillée, La (1990) .... Johanna

... aka Passion Van Gogh, La (France)

... aka The Van Gogh Wake

"Nick chasseur de têtes" (1989) (mini) TV mini-series

Mannequins d'osier, Les (1989) .... Marie

Erreur de jeunesse (1989) .... Anne

Au revoir les enfants (1987) .... Mlle Davenne

Brigade de nuit (1987)


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