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Kostas Martakis


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Kostas Martakis

Kostas Martakis (Greek: Κώστας Μαρτάκης) (born May 25, 1984)[1] is a popular up coming Greek singer who was born in Athens, Greece. To date, he has released one studio album along with one CD single by Sony BMG Greece.

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Martakis first gained fame on the reality talent show Dream Show. Before that, he also did some modeling work, played basket ball where he won gold medals, as well as majored as a specialist in computer technologies at the American College in Athens, Greece. Shortly after his appearance on Dream Show, he signed a contract with Sony BMG Greece and released his first CD single in the summer of 2006 titled "Panta Mazi" (Always Together) which produced a string of hits. Famed manager Ilias Psinakis also noticed him of Dream Show, and proposed to Martakis to become his manager.

By winter 2006, Martakis was singing with singers Despina Vandi and Giorgos Mazonakis at REX night club, while in summer 2007 he starting singing with Kelly Kelekidou, Dionisis Makris, and Nikos Apergi.

In June 2007, Martakis released his first studio album titled Anatropi (Reversal). The album was generally well received with the title track "Anatropi" and "Nai" becoming hits. In the summer of 2007, he also took part of the International Competition New Wave Festival 2007 held in Latvia, where he scored 4th place. The public voted him number 1, while his songs gained airplay. Shortly after, he signed a contract with Sony BMG Russia to release an English album in all the ex-soviet countries in 2008. Seeing his growing popularity, ERT asked him to compeate in a National Final to represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

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