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Danna Garcia


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Danna García (born on February 4, 1978 in Bogotá, Colombia) is a Colombian actress and singer.

The daughter of Colombian singer Claudia Osuna, she began her career at the age of four. In 1994, along with her sister Claudia, she formed the band Café Moreno and recorded the triple-platinum album "Momposino." That same year, she appeared in her first major role in the Colombian telenovela "Café con aroma de mujer." In 1996, she became the first Colombian actress to star in a Mexican telenovela when she appeared as the protagonist in "Al norte del corazón." She is best-known for her leading roles in Pasión de gavilanes (2003) and La Revancha (2000). García has replaced Sandra Echeverría in novela for Telemundo, La Traición, starring former Pasión de Gavilanes co-star, Mario Cimarro.

In 2006, Maybelline signed her as the company's newest Hispanic spokesmodel for its cosmetics advertisements in print and television.



* La Traición (2008) .... Soledad de Obregón

* Corazón partido (2005) .... Aura Echarri

* Te voy a enseñar a querer (2004-2005) .... Diana Rivera

* Pasión de gavilanes (2003) .... Norma Elizondo Acevedo de Escandón

* "Revancha, La" (2000) .... Mariana Ruiz

* "Háblame de amor" (1999) .... Jimena

* "Perro amor" (1998) .... Sofía Santana

* "Al norte del corazón" (1996) .... Eloísa (1996)

* Día es hoy, El (1996)

* "Victoria" (1995) .... Victoria

* Café con aroma de mujer (1994) .... Marcela Vallejo Cortez

* "Imaginate" (1987)

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