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Josh Henderson


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Josh Henderson was born in Dallas, Texas on October 25th 1981. Josh grew up in the south with his mother. He spent the majority of his youth in Oklahoma & Texas. He graduated from Tulsa Memorial Senior High School in May 2000. He moved back to Texas after graduation and auditioned for (2001) Pop Stars 2 in Dallas. Some might remember him being picked on for "singing like Justin Timberlake." However, Josh showed his critics when chosen as one of the six Pop Stars 2 winners. His band Scene23 successfully got through the recording process but their record label unfortunately went under. After Pop Stars 2, Josh was swimming in opportunity. Acting, singing, modeling. He never ever thought he would be so in demand. He was on the UPN show (2002-2003) "One on One" (2001) for several seasons. He also appeared on the hit ABC show "8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter" (2002) where he met future (ex) girlfriend, Kaley Cuoco. Josh is often recognized for his appearance on MTV's (2004) "The Ashlee Simpson Show" (2004). He was Ashlee's boyfriend for two years and appeared in the first few episodes.

Recently Josh was one of the stars of the critically acclaimed FX show "Over There" (2005) which focused on the war in Iraq and how it effects soldiers and their families. When it comes to movies, Josh has been seen in the extremely successful movie, The Girl Next Door (2004). You will also find him alongside Dennis Quaid in Yours, Mine and Ours (2005). He recently completed "Music High" and worked with fellow Oklahoma native Toby Keith in "Angel from Montgomery". Henderson is busy going to auditions daily for pilot season '06 and is staying busy not only acting but working on his solo album with help of an amazing musician and best friend from high school, 'Andrew Riddle'.

In Josh's downtime he enjoys his steam room, the gym, the rewind button on his tivo digital video recorder, reality television, doctor pepper, dancing & basketball

josh_henderson_dot_net_modeling2005_set1_004.jpg josh_henderson_dot_net_modeling2005_set1_008.jpg josh_henderson_dot_net_modeling2005_set1_018.jpg
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