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Marla Sokolof


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Marla Sokoloff Ties the Knot in LA!

The Practice's Marla Sokoloff married her longtime boyfriend, musician Alex Puro, last night in front of family and friends at Il Cielo in LA. The couple tied the knot after a one-year engagement and nearly six years of dating.

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Marla Sokoloff - 'Step Up' Inspiration Awards, Los Angeles - Jun 1, 2018


io5ej44739yn.jpg   nfj0cke3xtsl.jpg   xnr6yy4xsif6.jpg   gtlwi3vhj3vn.jpg   h9zfp8jd8mkz.jpg   iwgnuyybl8tj.jpg   x7niqoib384g.jpg   7e4h0qmrs9ay.jpg   83yyykxix9hc.jpg   9f6xe1tol7ke.jpg   wpbwi3zlnkv5.jpg   25z22tnhe9pf.jpg   3zya61u9wtrt.jpg   wm6o0fq2lel7.jpg   29hzsel674ft.jpg   dt9c6xn6g3i0.jpg   z8aihz71bbn8.jpg   g7jwiyq24mgf.jpg   hqba99hbi9pm.jpg   gn1s52j26nbj.jpg   c6udxwbn41nz.jpg   xmmwkgb7xvu9.jpg   1lab9gwplckf.jpg   a7ld1mqaacqu.jpg   lvdhmrecmlq8.jpg   tp1h71lj6810.jpg   vbxq1paliex1.jpg   cbkfb44kdcon.jpg  


well, see you next year Marla. ;)



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