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Corey Sevier


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Date of Birth

3 July 1984, Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Corey Daniel Sevier




6' 1" (1.85 m)


Has a younger brother named Kyle

Martial arts: Karate, Wushu, Tae Kwon Do, Ba Gua, Boxing.

Bilingual: English and French

Plays soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis. He also surfs, downhill skis and can horseback ride (western & english style).

Was voted Most Hollywood-Bound and Mr. Congeniality in high school.

Learned to speak French at the age of 5.

Family: Father: Bruce, mother: Lynda, brother: Kyle.

Nominated for a Gemini Award in 1999 for his work on Lassie.

Drives a C230 Mercedes-Benz.

Background: Irish/French from his dad's side and Norwegian from his mom's side.

Personal Quotes

At the prom this year I was voted most Hollywood-bound. Everyone was like, 'Oh what a surprise.' I had a little bit of an advantage, being in the business. But I also won Mr. Congeniality. That was one that meant something.

A sense of humor is important. I'm always attracted to a girl with confidence. In terms of looks, I don't have a type. I think a lot of girls think that they have to be super-thin, to meet the Hollywood image, but I think a girl who is voluptuous is very beautiful.

(On being a Child Star) There were the odd bullies and stuff and I was called 'Kraft Dinner Kid' for the last two, three years of my elementary school but it was okay, I didn't mind it, I really was proud and loved what I was doing. Had I been ashamed of it, it would have been a different story, but whether or not I'm 'Lassie Boy' or all that, it was cool because it was just part of my job

I admire Brad Pitt. He hasn't just done leading-man hunky roles; he's done a lot of edgier things. I like playing people with a dark side.

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