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Tom Kaulitz


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Name: Tom Kaulitz

Sign: Virgo

Birthday: 1.9.1989

BirthPlace: Leipzig - Germany

Family: Brother - Twin Bill Kaulitz

Hobbies: Music, Parties, BMX

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown/Blonde

Height: 180cm

Weight: 52 kg

Favourite Subject: Arts

Worst Subjects at school: Maths and Physics

Piercings & Tattoos: 1 piercing

Motto: “I don’t have one because I wouldn’t follow it!”

I wish for: A meeting with the Olsen twins or Angelina Jolie

First Bought CD: Aerosmith

First Concert Visit: Samy Deluxe

Hair Products: Wax (Just for Dreads)

Tom Kaulitz (born in Leipzig, Germany, on September 1, 1989) is the guitarist of the German band Tokio Hotel. He was born ten minutes before his twin brother, Bill Kaulitz. He is also a few centimeters shorter than his brother (182 cm tall).

Tom has been playing the guitar since the age of seven. He performed alongside his twin, Bill, in multiple shows. In 2001, the twins later met Georg and Gustav. They had similar tastes in music and formed a band together called ‘Devilish.’ After playing small shows in bars and clubs, the group was approached by music producer Peter Hoffmann in 2003 and were soon after signed with Universal Music Domestic Division in Hamburg. They were then known as ‘Tokio Hotel.’ They released their debut album, “Schrei” in 2005 (later re-releasing it in 2006). The album sold quickly and Tokio Hotel became popular all over Europe.

The Kaulitz twins have kept a majority of their personal life out of the tabloids. Tom has admitted that he’s single and is also the playboy of the group. He claims he doesn’t have time for girlfriends. However, he has been seen in many photos messing around with all types of girls. He also claims he has had “it” with more than 25 girls, although as his former girlfriend said it took him 5 dates until they finally kissed.

Info from:http://tokiofans.com/index/?page_id=32

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