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Lokelani McMichael


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Lokelani McMichael

- - - Hawaiian Triathlete - - -


Full Name: Lokelanikuu'leimakamae McMichael


Stats: At the age of 18, Lokelani became the youngest female ever to participate in the Ironman competition - the Holy Grail of Triathalon events. She's been participating for 6 years now and plans to keep going into her 80s.

She models on the side to "pay the bills" and allow herself to train as much as she wants. Her little modeling hobby has gotten her layouts in Esquire and FHM - all in the last year, her first in the business. A Hawaiian native, she says her name is really Lokelani Kuulei Make Mai which means "Heavenly rose my precious flower lei." We have no idea what that means, we just know we want to hear her say it again.

Above excerpted from ESPN's "Worlds Sexiest Athletes"

Lokelani McMichael's Website - Including Bio, Pics, and Links

Esquire Magazine's Article and Pics about her as a "Woman We Love"

Outside Magazine's Article re: Lokelani

ESPN's Article on Lokelani as one of the "World's Sexiest Athletes"

lokelani37ea.jpg lokelani68ds.jpg

I've always thought that Lokelani McMichael had a 'different' look that set her apart from other typical models. She makes me want to run a triathalon! :)

:D Zire

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