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David Charvet


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David Charvet (born David Franck Guez on May 15, 1972 in Lyon, France) is an actor and singer. David's father is Tunisian-born Tunisian Jewish businessman Paul Guez. His mother, Christiane Charvet is French. He and his siblings grew up speaking French as their first language. When David was nine years-old, his parents split and he moved with his father to the United States.[citation needed]. He won a green card through the "Morrison visa lottery" in the early 1990s.

Until recently he was living in his native France, where he tours (among other parts of Europe) as a singer. He occasionally appears (as himself) on French television.


* 1 Fatherhood

* 2 Acting

* 3 Filmography

* 4 Music

* 5 Discography

o 5.1 Albums

o 5.2 Singles

* 6 External links


He has never married, but is currently engaged to model-actress Brooke Burke. They welcomed a daughter, Heaven Rain, on January 8, 2007. They are expecting another child due in early march and plan to wed sometime in 2008.[citation needed] They live in California.

[edit] Acting

David Charvet (as he became known, apparently using his mother's maiden name as his professional name) caught his big break in 1992 on Baywatch as "Matt Brody" and remained with the show for three full seasons until 1995. Charvet also appeared as "Craig Field" on Melrose Place from 1996 to 1998. He starred in Seduced and Betrayed (1995), Derby (1995), Angel Flight Down (1996), Meet Prince Charming (1999).

He left acting in 1999 to concentrate on his musical career. He has returned to acting in a movie directed by Roger Christian called Prisoners of the Sun, which is due for release in 2008. He is also goign to appear in the film Green Flash. Another possible project,CarPirates, is still in pre-production.


* Green Flash (film) (2008)

* Prisoners of the Sun (2007)

* Meet Prince Charming (1999)

* Melrose Place (1996-1998)

* Angel Flight Down (1996)

* Derby (film) (1995)

* Seduced and Betrayed (1995)

* Baywatch (1992-1996)


He has released three albums in the past ten years and is currently working on his fourth.

[edit] Discography


* Se laisser quelque chose (2004)

* Leap of Faith (2002)

* David Charvet (1997)


* "Sometimes it rains" (2006)

* "Je te dédie" (2004)

* "Take you there" (2003)

* "Apprendre à aimer" (Teach me how to love) (2002)

* "Jusqu'au bout" (Leap of faith) (2002)

* "Regarde-toi" (1997)

* "Should I Leave" (1997)

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