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Nico Rosberg


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Nico Rosberg

His path

1996 : karting Ligue Côte-d’Azur minimes

1997 : karting France championship minimes

1998 : karting Italy championship ICA junior, 3rd et champion to USA

1999 : karting Italy championship, 3rd & 4th at the Europa championship

2000 : Formula A, champion of Europa

2001 : Formula super A Europa championship, 16th

2002 : Formula BMW ADAC, champion

2003 : F3 euroseries,

2004 : F3 euroseries,

2005 : GP2 series, ART GP, champion

2006 : F1, Williams-Cosworth, 17th

2007 : F1, Williams-Toyota, 9th

His biography


Nico Eric Rosberg is born on June 27th, 1985 to Wiesbaden in Germany (land: Hesse). Sina, his mom is German and the little Nico adopted the Germanic culture. He has the double nationality by his dad who is Finnish but his nation of heart stays the country of Goethe. He follows the way of his model, world champion of F1 in 1982, Keijo Rosberg says Keke.

In 2002, he’s a champion of Formula German BMW. From 2003 till 2004, Nico participates in F3 Euroseries but its results are very irregular.

He makes a commitment in the championship of GP2 Series in 2005 when he’ll be crowned in Bahrain.

In 2006, Nico rises a bucket seat of F1 at Williams. For the anecdote, the same team saw the consecration of his paternel. He makes a very good first grand prix by registering two points but this season will be marked by his irregularity and his nine withdrawal. He’ll add up four points at the end of the world championship 2006.

In 2007, Nico progresses enormously, he matured and learnt a lot of his first season. He registers twenty points, he’s often classified in the top 10 in qualifications and signs his most beautiful race in the Brazil (4th).

In 2008, he’ll be first driver at Williams and takes his role very in heart. His aim is to follow the road of Michaël Schumacher and to accompany the team of Grove towards the victory then towards the title.

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His parents...


His mom called Gesine Gleitsmann-Dengel alias Sina. She’s born on September 26th, 1946 to Wiesbaden (Germany). She’s an interpreter.

His dad born on December 6th, 1948 to Solna in Finland. He’s racing driver and then manager.

Sina and Keijo met to Wiesbaden where she studied. They got married in 1983.


HUGO BOSS Dinner in Monaco (19 may 2005) and GPF1 Bahrain 2006 :



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His girlfriend...

Vivian Sibold studies interior design in Milan. She's from Hamburg (Germany). At the moment, she lives in Milan with two friends. When she has time free, she joins Nico in his flat in Monaco. She decorated the flat, it's modern and very sober.

They met to Ibiza during the summer, 2003 but they know since their childhood. Their parents were already friends.


Pics 1, 2 & 3 : 20/05/2004 in a reception to Monaco, it's for the GPF1 of Monaco to be exact....

Pic 4 : Festival of Goodwood 2005 (24-26 june 2005)

Pic 5 : London ?

Pic 6 : Sports awards by the ADAC 2005 (19 november 2005 to Munich - Germany)

Pic 7 : Events Winter Sports in Innsbruck (Austria - 4 january 2006)

Pic 8 : 29/05/06 (fiesta Monaco after GP)

Pics 9, 10 & 11 : 16 November 2006 (Gala "GQ Men Of The Year Awards")

Pic 12 : august 2007 to Ibiza

Vivian's parents : Christina Sibold and Bernd Wegener

Christina Sibold works in moda. She ownes and manages her agency Fashion Royal PR in Hamburg (Germany).

You'll find Vivian's picture and one of her parents at this address : http://appl.welt.de/media/download/d8b2e8f...3_archiv_49.pdf

If the link don't work, these are the pics. I'm sorry it's a very bad quality.


Vivian made interior design of "Dracula club" in Hamburg (Germany). This project was confided her by her father, Berd Wegener.


Hamburg im Dracula-Rausch : (Die Welt - 23/02/07)

Rund 800 Gäste, darunter zahlreiche Prominente, wurden allein gestern erwartet. Drei Tage feiert der Dracula Club, neuer Treffpunkt für Nachtclub-Fans, im Levantehaus Eröffnung. Schon die Einladung machte neugierig. Das schwarze Couvert war mit rotem Siegellack, darauf ein D, verschlossen. Und Schwarz-Rot-Gold ist der Club auch eingerichtet. Im eleganten Stil à la New Barock richtete Interior-Designerin Vivian Sibold den Club ein. Im vorderen Bereich rote Wände, die Bar mit Mosaik in Schwarz-Gold. Im hinteren Raum leuchtet die Wand in Gold zu schwarzen Sitzen. Und überall große schwarze Kronleuchter sowie Elemente von Phillippe Strack. Es ist die erste, sehr gelungene, Arbeit von Vivian Sibold (22). Die Hamburgerin machte Praktika in London und New York, studiert zurzeit in Mailand. Die Idee zum Dracula Club hatte ihr Vater Bernd Wegener, der mit Tom Yamaoka den im Hintergrund bleibenden Investor berät. Er lernte vor vier Jahren Ottomar Rodolphe Vlad Dracula Prinz Kretzulesco, letzter Sproß der Grafen Dracula, der in der Nähe von Berlin auf einem Schloss lebt, kennen. Seit anderthalb Jahren vertreibt Wegener "Castle of Dracula", ein rotes prickelndes Getränk, eine Art Prosecco, der auf Eis getrunken wird und schon sehr beliebt ist. Und nun der zweite Streich, der Dracula Club.

Launch of the "Dracula Club" in Hamburg (22/02/2007 - Germany) :


Vivian and her dad in "Dracula Club" in Hamburg (24/02/2007), it's two days after its launch :


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