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Barbara Meier


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I used the XVid codec to compress the video, because it is in some respect better than DivX. If XVid isn`t installed on your PC, however, the Windows Media Player won't play the vid. But, as Reeyo pointed out, VLC will (free download: www.videolan.org).

Alternatively, you can install the XVid codec, which enables Windows Media Player and other players to play this and other vids: http://xvid-media-codec.softonic.de/.

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i saw the spot for disneyland paris today :heart: she looks very cute as always. as you can imagine you can see her in a rollercoaster and stuff.

the slogan is: "my dream came true - realize YOUR dreams in disneyland paris"... or something like that :)

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Thanks, Snuffy :) The ad looks just as I expected it to be. It's very simple, but cute. Doesn't blow me away, you know - but I guess every campaign is a good campaign and good for her career

I'm desperately waiting for Madame Figaro

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Me too!

The homepage of kabri.com is offline. Maybe it´s a good sign and in the end they will change the winter-collection of "Don´t label me" ?

I expect good pics there because the pics I have seen on the homepage of the photographer Fritz Kok are very beautiful, very "diva-like".

edit: I was wrong, it´s online again and still the old winter collection :(

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Viel Glück, Reeyo!

I´ve also seen the spot yesterday and agree: she is very sweet! Barbara has also updated her news and says she will interrupt her stay in Milan to go to this Disneyland-Paris-jubilee tomorrow and sunday.

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