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Lacey Mosley


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Full Name: Lacey Nicole Mosley.

Birth Date: September 4, 1981.

Religon: Christian.

Throughout her earlier years, she was an outspoken atheist. At age ten, she began dabbling in drugs, and at thirteen fell into it even worse. "I was trying to figure out who I was and anything to separate me from my family, or to separate me from my situation at home was good to me," Mosley said. "It was like a warzone going home."

When she was fourteen years old, she received a bass guitar for Christmas and began playing Nirvana and Green Day songs with her brother who played guitar. At sixteen, Mosley was kicked out of her home after a fight with her mother involving the police, and moved to Gulfport, Mississippi to live with her grandparents. There she attended high school and joined a band that was in need of a bass player. She went on to sing for the band, and picked up guitar so she could write her own songs. During that same year, she went through bouts of depression and had suicidal tendencies. "I lost my boyfriend, I lost my brothers and sisters that I watched every day, and I lost my drugs that I did. I really felt like that was the end," she said. "So I decided to kill myself the next day." After her grandmother forced her to go to church, Mosley experienced something supernatural that brought her to God. "My life totally changed after that."

"I used to be in a really negative band, and that seemed to almost fuel my emptiness because that's what the songs were about." After a while, she quit the band and began playing by herself.

After visiting her mother in Arlington, she formed a new band and ended up staying in the town rather than returning to Mississippi. Eventually, they disbanded and Mosley moved to Temple, Texas where she met drummer James Culpepper. They began writing songs with Lacey on guitar as they searched for a bass player. Eventually, Jared Hartmann and Sameer Bhattacharya called Lacey and asked if she would like to audition for their band, Sporos. She ended up not getting the spot. Later on, Sporos broke up, and Jared and Sameer joined James and Lacey in a band called Listen. They went through two bass players before they found Pat Seals and became Passerby. In June of 2004, the band changed their name to Flyleaf.



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