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Dino Morea


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Full Name: Dino Morea

Profession: Supermodel and Actor

Star Sign : Saggitarius

DOB: 9th December 1975

Height: 6' or 1.83 m

Titles won : Gladrags Supermodel

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Childhood Dream : To become Tarzan or a speed car racer

Present Dream : To work in Hollywood

The importance of being rich : I always wanted to be an actor and money is certainly one of the motivations of life. I certainly want to make it big – and rich – and fast.

Family: Italian father and Indian mother

Pet Name: I'm not going to tell you

Languages known: Italian, Hindi, English

Debut Film : Pyar Mein Khabhi Khabhi

Marital status: single

Girlfriend: dated Bipasha Basu and Nandita Mahtani

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Dino’s new fitness mantra

Actor Dino Morea is doing things differently.

Never mind his long hair, the guy has found a new way of keeping fit. He has started learning martial arts. Though the training is for a film, Dino finds that it’s doing wonders to his body and has helped in giving him the chiselled look.

The actor tells us, “The training has helped me get fitter, physically and mentally, and it’s showing!” Well, let’s hope more women take notice!

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