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Abbey Lee Kershaw


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I just watched her interview on models.com, she's really beautiful :wub: I noticed she didn't have a thread so I created one :p

She's australian and 18 years old :)

She's doing D&G S/S 2008 by Mario Testino

dg2ar5.th.jpg dgqn1.th.jpg

She's the fourth girl :)

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From Teamsugar.com

D&G S/S 2008

Models: Abbey Lee Kershaw, Denisa Dvorakova, Edita Vilkeviciute, Masha Novoselova, Ryan Daharsh, Simon Nessman, Tyler Scevers, AJ Jacobs, Trent Garrett.

Ph.: Mario Testino

I posted it bigger on the first post :flower: And Masha is not there, it's Lindsay Ellingson ;)

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Booked for 27 shows!!!

This just in.. she was in Ralph Lauren too!

Also according to a little [well known] Aussie birdy [in correspondence from US FW], US Vogue called her in to have a look at her so we'll see what comes from that. Whispers are she may have been booked for French and Italian Vogue, and also for multiple shows in Europe.

OoOoh La La!

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