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Parker Gregory


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Thanks for the vid links Meredie. I've been trying to go through the whole Hilfiger show, but for some reason the slideshow keeps conking out on my computer. But I don't /think/ Parker walked for Hilfiger this year based on the very small thumbnails of the whole show at nymag.com.

Hey, yep, you're right. The whole TH runway was up this morn on tommy.com and no Parker. Total bummer. But scored some good vids w/ baby phat

Thanks for all of your persistence.

Saw this vid of the GQ CFDA show back at the beginning of the year. Parker is at the beginning around .10

And a still of the event.


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I found this Nautica 09 ad. If someone has already posted it, let me know. I haven't seen it on here yet that I've looked through, but it's possible I skimmed over it :)


Linked to the page on Models.com but not posted directly on August 18th on page 8 of Parker's thread ;) I was lazy and linked through to the web page (not the image itself) and didn't download/reupload.

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Finally found a /full size/ version of the Tommy Girl 10 ad from October 2006. There's been a very small image around for a bit, but this one's a full-pager.

Hrm. File's refusing to upload.

Here's the link to the site: http://modernparty.cn/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=21041

Thanks Owly! Love the Hurley Ad....... :heart:

This is a pic from nautica.com. I cropped it, obviously, full photo on the website....


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