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Natacha Amal


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Natacha Amal is a Belgian actress born to a Moroccan father and a Russian mother in Brussels on 4th July 1968.


* 1989 : Pentimento by Tonie Marshall, la dame des WC

* 1989 : Les Clés du paradis by Philippe de Broca, Charlotte

* 1993 : Dracula mon amour by Serge Abi-Yaghi, (court-métrage)

* 1993 : Le Nombril du monde by Ariel Zeitoun, Marie

* 1995 : Dans la cour des grands by Florence Strauss, Eva

* 1997 : Une femme très très très amoureuse by Ariel Zeitoun, Isabelle

* 1998 : Le Bal masqué by Julien Vrebos, Sophie d'Arfeuille

* 1999 : Gialloparma (Scandalous Crimes) byAlberto Bevilacqua, Margot

* 1999 : 8 ½ Women by Peter Greenaway, Giaconda

* 2000 : Voyous voyelles by Serge Meynard, Sandrine

* 2000 : Le Prof by Alexandre Jardin, the BCBG professor

Since 2000 she plays in a french TV fiction called "Women of law" and in several theater pieces


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