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Egle Tvirbutaite


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6. Egle Tvirbutaite (Major)

"Egle is by no means a new face. In fact, careful management by Major has enabled her to finish school while keeping the pulse going on her career. This charming 19-year-old has a level of professionalism that reminds me of a young Raquel Zimmermann. Clearly the top houses agree—she walked for Balenciaga, Chloé, Givenchy, Christian Dior, and Vuitton. So does David Sims, who shot her as the only girl for next season's Gianfranco Ferré campaign as well as in a story for Italian Vogue. Fabien Baron is also hot on the trail, having photographed Egle for French Connection. Also look for the young Lithuanian in Another Magazine by Josh Olins, Mixte by KT Auleta, and in an upcoming V by Simon Burstall."


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The signals started to glimmer in London but it was Paris that made Major’s Egle a star this season. From Givenchy to Balenciaga, Dior and Vuitton, Egle sparked her path down some of the most coveted runways in the business. The beautiful thing about this 19 year old’s narrative is that her overnight success was four years in the making. Due to the diligence of her agents, Katia Sherman in New York and Anthony Bourgois in Paris who kept the faith in those four years that allowed Egle to finish school and fully evolve as a model, this girl now sits at the nexus of some serious editorial and campaign bookings. Its very encouraging to see that the industry did indeed wait on the awkward fifteen year old Lithuanian until she grew into the graceful runway swan that she is now. Her visage was on all the kiosks of Paris as the cover star as L’Officiel but as visible as she was Egle still remained disciplined and focused on making sure she was prompt and professional for every Paris casting, fitting and show. OTM was hunting for tips on where you’d find a girl most wanted, hanging out socially, “Sushi Bou Bou, a very intimate and cosy Japanese restaurant downstairs to my apartment, but sorry, I can’t give the address or it will become too popular,”said our Top 10 Newcomer with a smile and a wink. Speaking of popular, that is exactly what Egle is about to be and in a massive way too. Stay tuned!


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"Major’s Egle keeps soaring to greater and greater editorial heights and OTM could not be more thrilled. A smash hit show season led to her first burst of prime time ad campaigns and now, as the icing on her cake, Egle rules with this, her fanatstic new cover of Wonderland magazine. Its an exclusive sneak peek, so you won’t be seeing the mag on the stands for another three weeks. If you can’t stand to wait that long check out the remixed Wonderland website for further previews, launching Thursday at



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fragrance: Jean Paul Gaultier 2

wardrobe: Marc jacobs and Miu Miu

movie: Lost in Translation (director: Sofia Coppola)

actress: Scarlett Johansson

book: Jacqueline Susann "Dolls' valley"

authority: Daddy - Romualdas Tvirbutas

colors: black and grey

music: rock, hip hop, technimusic

Models are usually caught in street, beach, park...

well i really wasn't caught in a street i came with some friends in try-out of one agency and very soon i was sent to Milan. I was very scared because i was such a kid.modelling never was my biggest dream so i didn't cry from joy when i heard a suggestion. well but today Milan compared with New york and Tokyo is like a village but when it looked huge for me. i started to look more carefully to my career just after school because it was my priority. in Milan where i had to live i felt strangely and uncomfortable because other models didn't communicate with each other - everybody was just for theirselves, so for me it was really strange because i used to make friends very easily. My daddy was so worried about me, he checked that agency very carefully ,everything about reputation of it, he let me go just when he was sure that i won't be sold as a doll.mother felt calmer about me, i saw she was proud of me.

A young person who gets a normal sum of money frequently discomfit...

it wasn't for me, because my parents are wealthy anyway so i didn't feel necessity to go spend money shopping all around.

What was your first important job which made an influence for your career?

I was on the covers of itallian D and Amica. Vogue, W, Numero - that's magazines what brings popularity, but magazines actually didn't pay for models anything it is just a good step to other jobs.To be on Vogue Paris is just like to do a half of career. Recent time was the most successful for me, i was invited in nearly 50 shows in all the biggest fashions' cities.

But let's be honest.Photographers like Testino and Meisel does the biggest influence for career of models.

no doubt. they can be your success's godfathers. well but i still wasn't lucky enough to get a change to work with them but i met them.btw in order to go to Meisel you have to pass many obstacles created by assistants.Sometimes it looks like that it is created that star's inaccessibility on purpose.i tried twice - i failed... But i was invited to work with David Sims for GF Ferre SS campaign. at first time it looked like he is very arrogant but later i felt that he is warm and supportive person . i was working with Peter Lindberg. i didn't work with Mario Testino but edita Vilkeviciute worked with him for Versace campaign (my comment: i think she mixed it with D & G) Edita worked and with Meisel.

What could you say about designers?

They are very different, colorful and unpredictable. Galliano - very strange, quiet but his eccentric style talks for him.collections make you be different person - except Dior ones when you just have to go a head and do 4 poses.the biggest celebration - Alexander McQueen - i adore his bird's themes, original shows.Mcqueen is very friendly i feel sympathy from him because i was invited maybe 4th season and all times.i have a great rapport with Balenciaga's designer - Nicol Ghesquiere - he invites not just in shows but and in small projects. Nicol one of them who calls my name from the distance. Marc Jacobs is strange to put it mildly... he looks superiorly to models and obviously shows that he is a star.

I am proud the most of GF Ferre campaign. i got it when i won try-out to David Sims.but i think it wouldn't be enough of photographer's choice.i think i wouldn't get that campaign if a stylist wouldn't be Balenciaga's stylist - we have a sympathy for each other.

she talks that not all models are anorexic and about her nourishment...

at this moment i dream about a flat in NY because i'm tired to live in models' apartments where is a big mess. your room mates changes frequently and they use your things. i miss privacy.

translated by (Nemezide)

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