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Sabina Karlsson


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Well, I don't know much about this girl. I don't even know for now If I like her or not, but she definitely has original look.

I know now that she was in 3rd season of Sweden's Next Top Model.

She is signed with Ford Agency and she's going to be on spring-summer 2008 fashion weeks.

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Sabina is from Sweden and was actually a winning contestant on Sweden’s Next Top Model. “She just lights a room up. She has freckles, this amazing hair, mixed ethnicity. She really looks like she has some character and personality. Designers definitely want to put some more color on the runways, and she will be a great way to do that.”

from elle.com

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Oh, I decided to bump some of my threads, haha ;)

I remember that I couldn't find her thread at tFS, but I found it already!

Pic posted by MeMe7 at tFS:


she's so...original.

And her full name is Sabina Karlsson (I think it's very popular surname in Sweden, isn't it?)

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I always thought that Cintia's hair look the best and so healthy compared to hair of other models.....but I think Sabina's are even more amazing.....

FashionCapital's pics of Sabina from Abaete s/s 2008 show from NYC:


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MeMe7 posted this at tFS:

I found this article about Sabina, she explains about why she didnt go to Milan its a good article she seems really nice.

Who's That Girl?

Sabina Karlsson, the new face on the fashion block

It was the hair. Red with below-shoulder kinky waves. And those freckles that made everyone take notice. Strutting down the runways of Chaiken, Cynthia Steffe, Betsey Johnson and Tracy Reese, 19-year-old Swedish-Gambian beauty Sabina Karlsson took New York City by storm during Fashion Week. Signed with Ford, home of Alek Wek and other über models, we caught up with the former contestant of Scandinavia’s Next Top Model, and recent high school graduate, to get the inside scoop. Here, in our exclusive interview, Karlsson gives some insight on modeling, fame, and being immersed with the beautiful people without sacrificing health and happiness in the process. By Alyson Mance

AMBERmag.com: Where did you get your start?

SABINA: I randomly went to a hair salon with my father when I was three, and the owner wanted to use me for their ads. I’ve been modeling on and off since then.

AMBERmag.com: A lot of models lament about their awkward childhoods. Was this the same for you in Sweden?

SABINA: I stood out from all of my friends, but in a good way; I enjoyed being different. Once I asked my mom why I didn’t look like my friends, and at one point I wanted to straighten my hair, but she didn’t let me – thank God for that!

Page 2

Who's That Girl?

Sabina Karlsson, the new face on the fashion block

By Alyson Mance

AMBER: You were all over the New York Collections, what was it like?

SABINA: I really enjoyed doing the fashion week, it was very intense, a lot of castings and fittings going on. A lot of work, in other words, but I really enjoyed it! I was supposed to do Milan's but I got booked for a job in Miami, so I went there instead. I don't know at the moment, if I'll be walking during the Paris Collections yet, but I hope a get to their fashion week.

AMBERmag.com: Tell us about Scandinavia’s Next Top Model.

SABINA: It was a really good experience for me; I learned a lot about the fashion business and about myself as well. At the same time, it was really hard—they were sending a girl home every two days, so I had to stay focused all the time. I came in second place for Sweden, so I was cut out of the competition just before the grand finale. It didn’t feel so good, but I’m glad I got so far.

AMBERmag.com: What’s the best and worst part about your career?

SABINA: The best part about being a model is getting to see different places I might not have visited on my own. I meet a lot of people from around the world—from Asia to Brazil, and earn my own living. Plus, I get to see fashion trends before everybody else, and sometimes I can keep the clothes! [On the other hand] most of the time models travel alone, and might not get the chance to visit family as often as we'd like. [Modeling’s] also so focused on weight—you get judged by every little inch you’ve got. But if you’re just aware of the fact that you’re being [scrutinized], then you don’t take it so personally.

AMBERmag.com: How do you feel about the whole weight issue in the fashion industry?

SABINA: It’s sad that the model world requires models to be so skinny, just so they can fit the designer clothes. And, in a way, it’s the designers who are pushing this problem forward—if they keep on making clothes in size zero, models will always need to be a size zero. It’s very important to know these rules that exist in the fashion industry, and to not take them too seriously. Your health is going to be with you your whole life, so don’t let yourself and your health down because of stupid diets and trying to lose weight in unhealthy ways. I eat healthy food and exercise instead; when your energy shines, your beauty will come from within.

AMBERmag.com: What’s your dream job?

SABINA: For the moment, it’s doing a campaign for United Colors of Benetton. But in the future, when I’m more grown up, I’d like to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and act in American movies. There are so many places I want to visit: India and Thailand, for instance. But who knows—I might get a job there in the future.

AMBERmag.com: Who are your icons?

SABINA: My parents! They have really succeeded. They raised a child together in such a good way, I think—with love, humor, and respect. I love and respect them 100 percent, and I hope I can be like them one day when I become a parent myself.

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