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Paola Rey


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Paola Andrea Rey (born December 19, 1979 in Bucaramanga, Colombia) is a Colombian actress. She has worked in many telenovelas but her most familiar role would be in the popular Colombian telenovela, Pasión de Gavilanes.


Before 1998, Rey never realized that in the short period time of two days she would officially be in the cast of an up and coming telenovela. In 1998, Rey starred as Graciela in Fuego Verde. To Rey and her family it was a surprise that she was even given the opportunity. Since Rey had no prior experience or references in the drama field, Rey decided to leave her industrial engineering career in La Sabana University, to take up drama courses. This decision left a good mark in her career because, in the end of the year Rey was rewarded a TV y Novelas award for best female breakthrough performance. In the same year Rey was cast in another novela, Castillo de Naipes. After the novela wrapped, she was cast in Corazón Prohibido. In 1999, Rey signed a contract for Cenpor TV Colombia, and starred in the novela, ¿Por qué Diablos? opposite Manolo Cardona. In 2000, Rey auditioned for the role of Fabiola, the protagonist in Caracol TV Colombia's new novela, La Baby Sister. It would be another 3 years until Rey would get the role of a lifetime.

Pasión de Gavilanes

In 2003, Rey got the part of Jimena Elizondo in the now infamous telenovela. Rey portrayed Jimena Elizondo, a young woman filled with joy and passion. Jimena's and Oscar's relationship was one of the reasons why the series came to popularity. Oscar was portrayed by Juan A. Baptista. The series was so popular, that it was broadcasted in as many as 100 different countries. Making the series one of the most successful telenovelas of all time. Her role as Jimena earned Rey and fellow castmates, Natasha Klauss, Juan A. Baptista, Michel Brown, Danna García, and Mario Cimarro numerous awards and launching them into stardom.

Other roles

After the success of Pasión de Gavilanes, Rey decided to star in another telenovela opposite Juan A. Baptista and both Natasha Klauss and Kristina Lilley. So in 2004, Rey began shooting for La Mujer en el Espejo. In this novela Rey had to portray someone who was a complete opposite of her previous role. In La Mujer en el Espejo, Rey had to play Juliana Soler, an unattractive young woman who by looking at a mirror, transforms into a beautiful woman by day and goes back to her homely look by night. This novela was not as successful in Colombia as her previous one, but it did gain a lot of recognition in the United States. In 2006 Rey portrayed Lucía Martínez in the telenovela, Amores de Mercado or later to be known as Amores. Rey played opposite fellow friend, Michel Brown.

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Paola Andrea Rey

Date of Birth:

19 December 1979, Bogota, Colombia


# "Amores de mercado" (2006) TV Series (as Paola Rey) .... Lucía Martínez

... aka Amores (Colombia: new title)

# "Mujer en el espejo, La" (2004) TV Series .... Juliana Soler/Maritza

# "Pasión de gavilanes" (2003) TV Series (as Paola Rey) .... Jimena Elizondo Acevedo

# Como el gato y el ratón (2002) .... Giovanna Cristancho

... aka Like Cat and Mouse (International: English title)

# "Baby Sister, La" (2000) TV Series .... Fabiana Estrella Rivera Chitiva

# "¿Por qué diablos?" (1999) TV Series .... Jazmin 'Jaz' Cordero

# "Corazón prohibido" (1998) TV Series

# "Fuego verde" (1998) TV Series (as Paula Andrea Rey) .... Graciela

# "Sín límites" (1998) TV Series .... Camila



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