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Screwed up page links


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(What the fuck is up with this place? I'm now having to rewrite my whole message because opening the Emoticons caused the god damn page with my message to go to the main page of the site. Hitting the Back button left me with an empty message field.)

Original problem:

Surfing through the model forum, once I reach page 4 every other page link takes me to a members profile (ReginaS). [insert confused smilie here, I don't dare click on the fucking emoticons button again.]


I managed to get to pg.5 from pg.3, but starting with pg.4, every page link takes me to ReginaS' profile.

Here are the links I get when I right click on a page link and choose "Copy Shortcut".







Go to last page (arrow)


I tried closing the browser, cleaning my temp files, browser history, etc. But got the same problem when I returned.

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And I don't know how the hell this ended up in the model forum, because I clicked the "new topic" button while in the "Site and Forum", forum.

I've run across 4 or 5 other problems today, but I don't feel like typing anymore.

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