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Anggun Cipta Sasmi (born April 29, 1974, in Jakarta) is a singer/songwriter of French nationality. Her name means "Graceful" in Indonesian. Anggun is also the highest-selling Asian artist outside Asia and made a history for being the first Asian artist to break into international music scene. She is best known in Europe, particularly in France and Italy, as well as in several parts of Asia.

At a young age, Anggun decided to follow in her father, Darto Singo's footsteps, and become an entertainer. During her early years, she was influenced by rock sounds of native Javanese artists and the rock & roll icon, Elvis Presley. She was educated in Catholic schools because her father wanted Anggun to have a high quality education, eventhough she was a Muslim.[citation needed] Anggun began performing at age 7 and recorded her first album two years later. By the time Anggun was 17, she was a successful national rock star.

Anggun began to feel unsatisfied with her success in Asia and, at 19, she left Indonesia in hopes of breaking through in the European music charts. With her first husband, she moved to London and then Paris, where she met music producer Erick Benzi, who had produced music for stars such as Celine Dion, and Johnny Hallyday, a popular French singer. Benzi was quite impressed by Anggun's talent and immediately offered to work with her on her new album. Benzi persuaded Anggun to move away from her original rock influences and experiment with a more sensual and romantic sound. Anggun's smooth new style would prove an immediate success in France. Her first French album, Au Nom de la Lune (titled Anggun for Indonesia and Japanese market and Snow On The Sahara in other 13 countries including the US) not only skyrocketed Anggun to fame in France, the album was also a major hit in her native country, Indonesia. Her second album Desirs Contraires (Chrysalis in foreign and US markets) proved to be a worldwide hit as well.

In 1998, Anggun toured in Lilith Fair with Sarah McLachlan and other female musicians. In 2000, Anggun received an invitation from the Vatican asking her to perform at a Christmas concert where she sang her rendition of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" for the Pope, John Paul II. In 2000, she was also granted French citizenship.

Her duet with an Italian rockstar, Piero Pelù, entitled L'amore Immaginato reached #1 in the National Italian Airplay Charts for over two months. Anggun was also part of the charity driven project Gaia.

Anggun also performed a duet with Gildas Arzel in the song "C'est le debut", which sounds nearly identical to Donna Lewis's collaboration with Richard Marx in "At the Beginning".

Anggun has been known for her artistic music videos. Many of her videos use special effects, creating beautiful, evocative imagery (most notably "A Rose in the Wind").

Besides Indonesian, her native language, Anggun is fluent in French and English. She currently splits her time between Montreal and Paris.

In 2005 a new album, titled Luminescence, was released. In a departure from her previous two studio albums, the English, French, and international versions had the same titles. The album were also re-released as special edition version.

Being an artist as well as a fashion trendsetter, Anggun worked closely with famous European couturiers. Among designers who have worked with her for the previous albums include Frenchman Azzedine Alaïa who exclusively designed her outfit for Au Nom de la Lune/Snow on Sahara; the Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana for Chrysalis/Désirs Contraires and Roberto Cavalli for Luminescence.

She is now busy promoting the re-release of her new album with releasing a fourth single, "Garde-Moi/A Crime" and will release a "Best-Of" album at the end of the year.

Through the years, she has a few hits singles across the Europe and the Asia. Among her hit songs include "Snow On The Sahara/La Neige Au Sahara", "A Rose In The Wind/La Rose De Vents", "Still Reminds Me/Derriere La Porte", "Chrysalis/Tu Mens", "In Your Mind/Entre Une Femme", "Saviour/Cesse La Pluie", and "I'll Be Alright/Juste Avant Toi"


Anggun has been involved with several charities and received some awards, including:

Awarded by the France's Culture Minister the prestigious distinction of "Chevalier des Arts et Lettres" for her worldwide achievements and her support to the French culture.

Accepted the role of Spokesperson for the United Nations "International Year of Microcredit" to create awareness and help people in poverty all over the world.

Appointed as the ambassador of Audemars Piguet.

Awarded "Best International Artist" at 2006 Indonesian Music Awards.


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Yeah, in Malaysia & Indonesia, Anggun is well-known but for her song, it is not so famous. Her music is no malay element. That why she is just famous because of her achievement at Europe, but in Asia, she is nothing. She just make her country (Indonesia) proud but for the whole 'nusantara' (Malay area-Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei), she never make us proud. Look at her pic (the first one), so sexy and it is not the meaning of 'Perempuan Melayu Terakhir' (the last Malay woman). At here, Kris Dayanti (Indonesia) & Siti Nurhaliza, Datuk (Malaysia) are two icons that always make us proud.

For example Siti Nurhaliza (although she is not famous at Europe) but she have alot of achievement in Voice of Asia, the third Asia singer that did solo concert at Royal Albert Hall, London, South Pacific International Song and Singing Competition 1999 - Pop Winner/Top 40 Category International Song (We'll Be As One) & Best Female Vocal Performance (We'll Be As One) , Shanghai Music Festival 1999 - Gold Award in Singing Competition and she hold the records for Most Awards Won Artiste (Malaysia Book Of Records, the last count is 112 awards on 2004)

But, I agree Anggun is 'anggun' like her name.

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