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Hande Yener

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Hande Yener (born January 12, 1973 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish pop music singer. She brought a different style to Turkish pop music, which was quickly realized by Turkish listeners, and is today one of the most popular music artists in Turkey.

Life and career

In 1992, she met Sezen Aksu, who was shopping at the department store where she worked. Then Hulya Avsar helped her meet Sezen Aksu who later hired her as a backing singer after an audition. She supported Aksu at her album Deli Kızın Türküsü at back-vocals, also worked as her assistant for two years.

Hande's debut album "Senden İbaret" (All About You) came out in 2000, with hit songs such as Yalanın Batsın and Yoksa Mani. The second release, (this album is also known as "Extra"), came out in 2001. Second album "Sen Yoluna, Ben Yoluma"(Go To Your Way,I Will Go Mine) released at 2002 with catchy hits such as Sen Yoluna, Ben Yoluma (Balon) and Küs.

Later she returned with "Aşk Kadın Ruhundan Anlamıyor" (Love Don't Understand From Women's Soul) in 2004, her third album, which had six hits all-over Turkey; Acele Etme, Kırmızı, Acı Veriyor, Armağan, Hoşgeldiniz and Bu Yüzden, with radio hits such as Savaş Sonrası and Aşk Kadın Ruhundan Anlamıyor. "Aşk Kadın Ruhundan Anlamıyor" brought success to Yener in abroad too.

Although her latest album was a huge success, Yener decided to improve and refine her music again (she wanted a more dance-friendly Euro Pop sound), also changed her appearance (dyed her blond hair to black). The result was "Apayrı" (Totally Different),which came out in early 2006,with hit song Kelepçe and following song Aşkın Ateşi. It is claimed this album sold 150.000 units within 5 days. Other sources say Apayrı sold 165.000 in 2006.

Hande Yener, officially announced she has been approached by TRT two days after the final in Helsinki. She said they will finalize the contract in 15 days, and she is going to Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Serbia with an English song.

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