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Motion City Soundtrack

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Motion City Soundtrack


Motion City Soundtrack is an American pop punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have released two albums, both on Epitaph Records. Their third full-length album entitled Even if it Kills Me, is due to be released September 18, 2007. Currently, the band is enjoying international recognition, with strong fan-bases in places like Britain, Canada, Japan, Australia and Colombia.


Motion City Soundtrack formed in Minnesota in 1997. They released a number of EPs and gained a sizable following before recording their first full-length album, I Am the Movie.

I Am the Movie

I Am the Movie was self-released twice in 2002 and was quickly picked up by Epitaph Records for a nationwide release in 2003.

Backed by the success of their first album, Motion City Soundtrack toured for quite some time and in 2003 released the third track on I Am the Movie, "The Future Freaks Me Out", as their first hit single. The single's catchy chorus and its memorable video made it a modest hit and brought the previously unknown band their first step toward fame. According to the band's official Web site, the song's success was surprising, as the band "wrote the song in mere hours and it almost didn't even make it onto their debut."

A second single was released later that year, "My Favorite Accident", with a similarly quirky but also more dramatic video.

Commit This to Memory

Motion City Soundtrack's second album was recorded in Los Angeles in fall 2004. Hoppus and the band got along well, the album defied their expectations. The band felt a great freedom to expand beyond their traditional roles.

The title, Commit This to Memory, was chosen early in the album's production, and is taken from a lyric in one of the album's songs, "Hangman", which features vocals from Mark Hoppus. Production work on Commit This to Memory was finished in early 2005, and the album's winter theme (with two songs reflecting on New Year's Day) contrasted heavily with its expected June release. The album was leaked to pirate sites several months before its release, much to the band's dismay, while they took part in the first ever Epitaph Tour in February and March.

The album's first single, "Everything Is Alright" featuring Patrick Stump and members of Limbeck, has found significant radio play and has already appeared on several compilations. The song's video has appeared on MTV and Fuse channel, and has also appeared on the Saint's Row soundtrack. The song was also featured as the theme song for the 2006 comedy movie Accepted.

The bands' video for "Hold Me Down" proved to be a lesser success, obtaining lesser the Commit This to Memory deluxe version's DVD. The video can also be seen on Fuse, which was currently the only station which airs it.

Even if it Kills Me

Motion City Soundtrack return with their third album, titled Even if it Kills Me, set to be released on September 18, 2007. The band did their final recording and mixing during early Spring 2007 in New York.

Part of the record is co-produced by the tag team of Adam Schlesinger (of Fountains of Wayne) and Eli Janney (of Girls Against Boys), and part of the record will be produced by Ric Ocasek (of The Cars). Guest vocals on the album include Max Bemis of Say Anything, Rachel Minton of Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer and Shawn Harris of The Matches.

A series of song titles have been unveiled in the first January 2007 issue of Kerrang! Magazine. The songs "Calling All Cops", "Fell In Love Without You", "Asking You To Leave" and "Where I Belong" are all set to be on the album. Throughout some touring in April 2007, most notably Give It A Name Festival, the band have played a new song live entitled "This Is For Real".

The band has been producing webisodes on the making of the album. These webisodes can be viewed at the website http://evenifitkillsme.tv.

The first single off the new album, "Broken Heart" was released on June 26 worldwide through all digital outlets around 12:00AM. A video for the single is available to watch at their official website or on their street team



Joshua Cain – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Jesse Johnson – synthesizer

Justin Pierre – Vocals, Guitars

Matthew Taylor – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Piano

Tony Thaxton – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals


Joel Habedank – Drums, Percussion

Austin Lindstrom – Bass Guitar

Sidney Burgdorf – Drums

Andy Whitney – Drums

Joe Skinner – Guitar



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